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Hello guys i need a mod to help me out with something.
So i was in CapnClever his stream recently and we where debating the Commander Keen section and noticed some issues.
I am basicly the sole moderator of the sub group of the game series ( but haven't really worked on it.
Then for the game Commander Keen 1 there is a seperate game at
Can anybody put that game into the series ? And can you mod the guys for the series also that are mod for the CK1 game.
With the help of CapnClever we can probly set up a whole lot of leaderboards for different games of the series 🙂.
Thanks !
¤¤Update: I managed to fix some things the only issue at the moment is that the CK1 game is seperate but i can only add new games to the series. If anybody could help out with this would be perfect!

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The game has been moved!

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Got the whole Commander Keen series of games up and running. Thanks for granting me mod on the games!