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I am trying to modify category on some games I requested. Nothing happens when I try to do that. What should I do?


You just click on whatever you want to change, change it, and then click outside of the text box. If that's what you're doing, and it isn't working, then I don't know how to help. 😕


It is not possible to type anything from start, as I try to add a category. The box just remain empty


You're not using anything to block javascript, right?

If not, tell me in greater detail, where exactly does it go wrong?

Are you still able to press the New Category button:

Does that do anything, if so where does it break afterwards?

(I'm assuming you have the same problem on all your games, right?)


I can press the button but then it just disappears and nothing can be done with that box. It happens with all of these games I've added

EDIT; Problem has been resolved. I tried with Firefox instead