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Obviously, thanks for all you do with this site...but is there going to be messaging or not? It's been saying coming soon since I joined


twitter, discord, twitch, idk pick one


As of last time I saw site staff talk about this, messaging is not currently being worked on. It may be implemented at some point in the future (not anytime soon for sure), but it's a fairly low-priority task that requires a lot of time and resources to implement. The icon for it should probably be removed so that people stop asking about it.

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Messages - Coming Soon TM is a heart warming meme at this point. Please keep.

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What Shiken said basically.

Also, any time Shiken posts I want to get KFC dude.. Pretty sure making me hungry is a bannable offense

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Pinned post on the Discord, Nov 2018:

"notifications revamp happening this december / early january
possibly dms also
full mods will be the first to test changes etc
and possibly some of the sm64 and oot community"

Also please don't ban Shiken, he means well

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