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You might be familiar with SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. It was the second most active game on the site, with just under 400 players. Now, it’s gone down to just over 100. If it continues to drop like this, the game will be... GONE! Please be aware that I am only 11 and am autistic, so many of you might not be crying in your pillows about this, but I am. This unsettling moment made me scared of SpongeBob. Please, bring back the runs, and my fear will be no more.

P.S. You deleted runs from several newcomers, and it was their only run! You monsters!


Whilst the situation is unfortunate this is, sadly, the possible outcome of immediately opening a leaderboard on release without having any sort of period before in which to test stuff.

To my knowledge, the leaderboard was restarted after a large discovery was found tying framerate to the physics of the game, after which moderators decided to instead cap the framerate to 60 to try salvage some sort of fair competition for the game, when it was clear what was allowed on release simply wouldn't work to that effect.

The alternative to this would be to put the runs into a legacy sort of category, or maintain a 60fps category and a category with no such cap. From my perspective, I can see how that would get messy (especially when it isn't simply the framerate allowing faster times, but affecting how the game actually functions) and why they went down this road.

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This is obviously a troll post but I agree with Liv. Opening a games leaderboard the day it comes out was a horrible idea.

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a horrible idea? i dont think thats the case. i think it was just unfortunate that this had to happen.


@diggitydingdongdiggitydingdong it is a bad idea as it doesnt give the community the time to actually play through the game and figure out how the game works and how the boards should be structured. If they didnt open their boards immediately on launch they could have very well prevented having to nuke their board and start over

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