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We just released the brand new Mod Hub, with the first iteration including an overhaul for the Runs Awaiting Verification page! For more details and a sneak peek at some of the stuff we have coming down the road, check out our Community Update here!

Please feel free to respond down below with your questions, concerns, and feedback!

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Good to see that we finally get this much anticipated feature, hopefully we see more features that we got promised get added in the future. As for the mod hub itself, I have no opinion on it as I don't mod any games, so that is all I wanted to say.

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Probably will compile the bugs into support hub ticket too later, if someone hasn't already.

Pros of new Moderation Hub:
• You can now verify multiple runs from the same webpage. When you verify or reject a run, the run in question disappears from the mod hub page without needing to refresh it.
• Verified and rejected runs now are sorted chronologically (with latest runs on top). Recently rejected runs sorting chronologically is particularly a big plus, previously some rejected runs just would not be showing up unless you tracked them down in the api.

Cons/ Bugs of new Moderation Hub
• Trying to edit a run will redirect you to the run itself, not the "edit run" page. For example clicking on "edit run" will send you to, not
So you will have to click through two links to edit a run from mod hub.
• After verifying or rejecting a run, the "pending runs" notification amount won't decrease until you refresh the mod hub page (which can be confusing)

• This is probably subjective, but for larger boards, a video embed for every run submission might be counterproductive. Each video embed is decently big, if you have a lot of submissions you will have to scroll down a lot to just glance at every run. It is a bit harder to roughly gauge the pending runs you have compared to the old list format. But, video embeds for each run on the mod hub page also lets you watch and verify multiple runs within the same webpage, so there are pros and cons.
• An option to toggle between different video embed sizes would be nice for the above reason.
• Note that the old run verifying page is still accessible if you prefer the old verification page setup. (maybe a direct link to it on the site should still exist?)

Edit: They fixed the offset notification issue

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Thanks for finally getting this out! But one thing is, now the page appears to have ads. Is this intentional for more money? Or is this planned to change.

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Hey sorry! The ads on the modhub are unintentional, this is being changed as we speak!

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Oh, that was quick. Thanks!

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After that you might as well do a speedrun of Message System Patching Any% as those are kinda busted at the moment.

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It's on the list 😉

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A question about the what's shown for the News posts: Is the preview function going to be available only for them, or will it be added to forum posts & guides & such, too? Because it'd be very helpful, especially for guides since they give notifications for every single edit.


Can you pls give us a option to swap between the old and new one? I find the new one just ugly and not good to see...

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A direct link to the submission itself would be nice on there. Some submissions put multiple videos into the video field due to needing to be in multiple parts because of length, and the listings in the hub currently only show the first video placed in it. It's effectively making the videos showing in the hub for these games pointless at the moment, as you need to go the submission anyway to grab the 2nd part.

Having the videos be unexpanded to begin with would be nice, with perhaps a + to expand and show them per submission.

(Here being a very crude mockup: )

edit: Also, PLEASE this:

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Is there some public list you could make? So we know when to expect fixes/new features.

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yooooo nice update, this is cool! so much nicer to look at compared to the old pending run list

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Idk if this has been said or not already but not being able to click on the level name of an IL or character name of an RTA run to go to that characters boards anymore is really weird to me, feel this should be added.

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2 things, for some reason series appear on the list along with games. For example, the Pac Man Fangames series that I am a moderator of appears on my games list and has no runs. It seems the site treats series almost entirely like games, because series audit logs also refer to series as games. The second thing is a suggestion, have a “All” or “View All” option on the list to see all pending runs in all games you are a moderator of.

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The only thing that is annoying for me is the auto-embed of videos in the runs list, like @Solderq35Solderq35 said.
I agree with the idea by @LivLiv - the videos should be hidden by default, with the option to expand/minimize videos of individual runs.
(Perhaps also expanding/minimizing all videos at once).

Other than that, looks good!

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1. Second Liv's post about collapsing submissions by default.
Perhaps make it a custom filter and leave it up to the user to have submissions show expanded or collapsed by default.

2. Could the font size on these small elements be increased?

3. Not a big thing but I also wonder if there could be a filter to include sub variables in the 'submission title'. This was still the case in the old RaV page. For example, you could get away by saying "No Major Glitches - Inbounds - Ultra Nightmare" in the title instead of having just the main category title "No Major Glitches" show and then have any sub variables be displayed kinda small text below the submission.

One more small bug I discovered is that the 'date text' element behind "Ran" and "Submitted by" is translated in my local browser language even though my SRC language is set to english and the other elements on the modhub page are also in english on that page.
In my case it says '14 dagen geleden' which is dutch for '14 days ago' in english. Example:

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