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I am fine with getting ads after making a donation, the donation was not something I expected benefits out of, it was simply that, a donation.

As for the watchmojo ads, I have yet to see one while browsing the site.

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You can't simply focus on only the 'positives' that's where your issue lies. When you only focus on the positives, you don't see anything wrong with it and more people complain when no one reads feedback. That's exactly like saying that 'the food is good' but it was actually way too salty but you won't say or do anything about it.

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@DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres there is zero chance you have not seen a watchmojo add on this site unless you're running adblock. I get a new one 15 seconds after I close out of the one that currently pops up immediately upon changing to another page or refreshing.


DarQ I just wanna say as much as I hate the ads I think that there's still some evidence of progress.
I really hate that everyone is hating on you for this when you still are a freaking volunteer. For god sakes people how much do you think he can do? He doesn't work for ELO. There's no way he's saying this expressly for their benefit. He's giving his honest view.
Regarding the watchmojo ads. I haven't gotten them either, probably because I use adblock. So that answers that question.
Now would it be better if, as has been said before, ELO was communicating more directly with us, instead of by proxy? Yes, 100%. Do I think they're going to do everything we ask? No. Pac (with all due respect) didn't, so I don't see that changing. But there absolutely is some positive stuff going on now and I don't want to be completely bogged down in the one negative part of this.
To be clear, I am by no means dedicated to this site. I'm willing to jump ship if a better option comes along or we fall to pieces here. But we are by no means at that point yet.

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I'll just reiterate again that the very fact that folks keep popping in to by proxy defend ELO's lack of communication is literally the worst part about all of this, and contains no upsides. That speaks to how much you care about the community, which while noble, does not help the situation or address concerns. That's not your fault though. ELO should be here in this thread instead of DarQ and you @Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo.

They should have taken more care with the ad rollout and made sure they - at the very least - didn't have constantly shifting layouts when ads reload. Full stop. That's pretty basic usability stuff and they're better than that. We SHOULD hold them to a higher standard as they do this successfully elsewhere. I'd rather not use an add blocker and give them the ad revenue after all, because I do want them to succeed, a feeling I'm sure many share here. I think we can all agree the new features seem great, but this is definitely a misstep, and the promise of new features and fixes shouldn't immunize them from criticism.

Are some folks here are a bit off base with threats of leaving the site (and general tone) at this point? Sure, but it only goes to show how little goodwill towards SRC there was in the first place. The danger of souring larger communities is real, and they need to step up and make sure they have the basics down before that happens.

That's all I'll say for now. Let's all submit feedback and see what happens in the coming weeks.

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