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The rejection was because a moderator of the site thinks that DX edition is similar to the normal championship edition. I will tell you all the differences they have.

1. Ghosts

Ghosts DO NOT spawn randomly around the map. And when you get them it triggers them to follow you. That does not happen on the original. In champ edition all 4 ghosts spawn in the little area like the original game, not like the DX version.

2. You Do Not Get Coins That Fast

In DX you get coins REALLY FAST. You can go up to the millions while in normal champ edition you don;t get coins even more than 500,000+. In DX you get a power - up orb and you get LOADS of ghosts making you SO MUCH points. While in normal champ edition when you get the power - up orb you can only get 4 ghosts which is definitely not a lot of points.

There's probably much more differences but I don't know them because I don't have the DX version. I would appreciate if you would verify my game since it has good quality, isn't a flash game and isn't a web game. It's basically like all the other Pac-Man games which are like the Pac-Man championship edition game. So I don't get it why you have to reject my game request.

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Why wasn't this included in the notes originally? Also, probably should've just resubmitted providing that information (I assume it was asked) instead of posting here since once something is rejected no one can do anything about it until its resubmitted again.

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