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I'd love if you could give the splits for a run. Using seems the smart move to me here.

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You mean like the resources->splits section on every game on the site?


I think Dalet means the ability to add your splits to your PB when submitting it, which would be nice.

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I second that, would be pretty awesome.


And I meant what PurpleSunDeryl said, I know the splits section exists.


They could never be used for comparison or leaderboards, because most games don't have standard splits, and some runners don't use them.


Many runners use the same splits as others for the sole purpose of comparisons, especially as splits are commonly separated into different levels, load-zones, checkpoints, or significant events. It would obviously not be a requirement to submit splits; it would simply be an efficient way of implementing a feature currently somewhat available but never used. I would love to see the integration of other speedrunning-centric websites into a site such as this, and has zero downsides and many clear benefits. Hope this gets considered and supported in the future!

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This would be awesome.

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This would be great for simply downloading the WR splits (we could even automate that in LiveSplit).

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