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Hellow !

I'd like to make some changes to a leaderboard, but i'm actually not sure about how i should do the changes.

Basically, i'd like to look like

The problem is, i've noticed that if i just add subcategories, all runs disappears and i cannot have access to all of them anymore (especially the ones that aren't from me). Also, in this case it's not just adding subcategories, but deleting some of the main categories also, and use subcategories to make it look better (atleast imo).

So yeah, any idea about how i should do that ?


As far as I have seen, you're "only" Mod for the Game. Have you talked with the Super-Mod about the changes yet? Just to be sure he/she also knows what's up 🙂

So, I think you want to use the Difficulty as Sub-Category right?
I changed/added the Difficulty as Sub-Category on a Game I mod as well. No runs disappeared/got deleted, so I don't know the Problem there. I think the Problem is, that you set the Variable to Mandatory, which "un-verifies" the runs which do NOT have the Variable set.
To solve that, you'll have to edit each run and set the Variable to something. When every run has a Variable-Value, you can set it as Sub-Category. That should solve it I guess.


I can help you move over runs if you give me a clear overview of how you want it organized (what should be the categories, what should be the subcategories etc).

When you're adding subcategories, and look at a subcategory, it will show all runs in that subcategory.
Without using the 'Set default for all runs without a value' option (or updating every single run manually), the existing runs will not be in any subcategory yet (they have no value yet), so they don't show up ('disappear').
I agree it's not ideal that there's no way to see those runs without making the variable not a subcategory while setting up, but this is the reason for them not showing up.

Though if you want to move runs between categories and delete categories, it's probably easier for me to do regardless.


Thanks for the answers guys.

Basically what i want to do with :

Full game runs:
Subcategories for difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard), while keeping Any% and 100% as main categories.

I'd like Clockwise and Counterclockwse as categories, while having DRY and WET as subcategories (thus deleting 2 main categories). As for Day and Night, i'd just forget these, they don't matter at all, and if you're going for a serious time it would be stupid to do ILs with the Night settings anyway.

I wouldn't mind trying to do that myself, but last time i tried i almost lost all the runs for the Boktai games, good thing i had the idea of opening all the times before changing anything so i could submit them again.

PS: As for super-mod, i actually am the super-mod of , and, sadly, probably the only person actually putting times on it now. It's maybe pointless to change the leaderboard, but i have plans for it, plus a good relooking wouldn't hurt if it makes it look better.


Alright, we can work with that info 🙂

For the Full-Game runs:
Create a Variable for the Difficulties (If not done yet). Edit each run which does NOT have a Difficulty set (if there are) and set it manualy (if there is any/if you don't know it, set it to a default one for now or reject it).
Set the Difficulty-variable to Mandatory and as Sub-Category.
I'ld also change the Names to any% and 100% only.

It's not useful to make Sub-Categories for such a thing I guess, since it's only 4 Categories in total right now. If there should be more "Variables" like WET/DRY or something like that, I'ld pay off imo.



It's not useful to make Sub-Categories for such a thing I guess, since it's only 4 Categories in total right now. If there should be more "Variables" like WET/DRY or something like that, I'ld pay off imo.

That's true, it's not that useful, still, i don't like how it looks right now though, i feel like it could look way better than how it looks right now...

As for Full Game, i'll do that, thanks 😃

Also, thanks for all the explanations, i was kinda lost about how to do subcategories to begin with, especially if the leaderboard weren't empty.


Well if you want to you can do that of course 🙂
But I should note that you have to setup Variables/Sub-Categories for every IL then, because you cannot select IL's/Full-Runs as Group, only the Categories themself.


It is possible to make a variable/subcategory apply to all levels, if that's what you mean?

Combining the runs of the dry and wet categories in a single category is something I can easily do on my end.


I see... Well, i guess i'll leave it like that for now, afterall it's not like there's gonna be more variables and stuff for ILs, atleast for now.
I'll wait until more of these are made before changing it, it seems like a big waste of time too, especially considering i'm the only active person for that game.

As for combining the runs, nah, Dry and Wet are very different, IL-wise, so combining them would not be a good idea.

Again, thanks for all the help.