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So this game I have on it just got updated with faster respawn times and when people request their run I need them to select which version their using and I don't know how to do that. Any help would be appreciated.


Edit game > Scroll to the very bottom > Click on "New variable" > Enter name (likely "Version" for you)
Click on "New value" and enter the name (likely the version number for you - repeat this as often as you need to)
Click on "Set default for all runs without a value"

If you want to create a subcategory, check the "Use as subcategory" checkbox
If you want to use a variable, uncheck the "default" checkbox for all values
(If you don't know the difference, subcategories create a extra button on the leaderboard while variables don't, you need to use filters for those)

Now all runs should be listed under the first version you entered, you need to edit runs to move them to the correct version if it's needed


You should also edit every run's version if there is a way for you to know.

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