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so I was wondering if you guys could add have a section for each game on here to have a section seperated for national record (NRs)

Kosmicd12 - [flag]USA - 4:55.91

Person - Country - time

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While we are at it, why don't we just separate it all the way down to neighborhoods so that everyone can feel special
The whole point is to allow for friendly competition world wide. If you are looking at this from a stats point just go through and look for the records done in certain countries.

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I mean you realize that flags are already displayed right? You'll also notice an issue with the runner at the top of this list. He lists his location as Antarctica.

So you have to be suggesting that not only do we create over 100 separate leaderboards based on location, but that our location would have to be proven. Which falls under various issues with privacy.

Unless you mean like a toggle for countries but I still don't see the point. It defeats the purpose of the leaderboard entirely. Unless you're just trying to get satisfaction out of being the best in your country, state, etc. But that doesn't mean shit if you're the only one running the game there.

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It doesn't really make sense to filter runs by the player's country. Having the Brazilian national record sounds great and all but it doesn't mean a whole lot if you're actually 245th on the global leaderboard and your run is an hour longer than the world record. The current filters (Regions, Platforms, Emulators) make sense because games from different regions or on different platforms can have slight advantages or disadvantages, and emulation can introduce a slew of complications for competition. The country that the player happens to reside has no bearing on the run itself, a Canadian runner has no inherent advantage over an American runner or vice-versa, so filtering by that doesn't really make sense.

If you really care about the national record for North Korea or whatever, each user has their flag so you can figure it out by looking at the flags.

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I think I need to mention that Kosmic doesn’t even hold the USA record anymore. Somewes is also American and is current WR holder


It's just an example, hardly something that matters in context here but ok

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They'd need to bring back the Earth flag then, cause it's world record.

In seriousness though, people can just track this stuff themselves. There's no need for a system to segregate or filter "records" down to country or region. The fact people can just choose whatever region they want would just make it even more silly.

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The logical path for this to go is that everyone switches to Valhalla. Cause I mean if I'm going to be the best, I'm going to be the best in Valhalla, damnit.

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