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It has been over a month since Severed Steel has been promoted on the games page, and I'm not sure why it is still there. I'm not entirely sure how long this promotion was planned for, but it was also never stated how long it would stay. It's starting to get really tiring again seeing this all over the games tab and having random ads pop through on the website for this game, even with ad-block.


Unless elo gets looked into for dishonest advertising practices, it'll likely be there until the dev stops paying,


Maybe I'm blind but I don't see it at all, and haven't for a while. Idk, maybe it got cached on your end or something, try Ctrl+F5?

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@PinkaPinka I don't see anything dishonest about their advertising practices


I used to play Fortnite all night. No sleep! But ever since SR.C told me to try Severed Steel for free, I am addicted. This game is a game. It has graphics. It has characters. Best of all it has a loot box mechanic to enhance my experience even more by adding another exciting chance based layer to the game! Two week ago I spend all my money becoming a pro Severed Steel runner. Now I live in a dumpster outside a McDonald’s with free WiFi. At night I sneak into the McDonald’s like my new raccoon dad, Stripey, taught me to do so I can charge my laptop. Through the cracked screen I am still perpetually amazed by the graphics of this game... they look so real! Thank you @SpeedrunComSpeedrunCom, you truly changed my life!

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Does Severed Steel actually have loot boxes?

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No. It's not free either, costs 20$ on steam.

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I didn't see the game promoted on the list, for at least 3 weeks.


Maybe they're only keeping it for people in certain countries? It never left on my end, though my adblock has always made it impossible to click on. Also, it's only on the generic games list, selecting any option makes it disappear.

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@ViperViper the fact that people had to dig into forum posts and ask on the discord to actually find out it was paid promotion is p freakin sus (made more ambiguous by sr.c's usage of "Promoting Content" on other socials applying to no-money-involved interactions), and the fact that none of this was disclosed on elements such as the front page stream when they were promoting the game def raises some flags.

Whether its actually illegal and worthy of any investigation, i don't rly know. And even if it were illegal, I doubt there would be much regulatory attention given to a Speedrunning Forum anyway.



Can confirm it still shows up on my side. It's showing up right now, in fact. Seems to shove itself in whenever I reload a page.

It remains on the all games page for me, loading in every time. It's not a caching issue.


Must be all those Severed Steel copypastas, you confused the algorithm.

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  [user deleted]
what type of crack yall smokin


Must not have advertisements in Valhalla then.

Gonna go have to find some way to pick up Asatru and go out valiantly in battle, I guess, if I ever want to move out of this dumpster. Stripey would understand.

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@ValhallaValhalla I don't know, but you can see for yourself:

This is how it's been for me since it first showed up.


I am also still seeing the Severed Steel promotion

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Me three




I'll step in and say I live in the UK if the location theory is believed to be correct.
It does not show up for me anymore but it did when the promotion was initially rolled out - if this is a mistake on Elo's part it's a strange one.


I had to reblock it w/ adblock after the update occurred.