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Chex Quest. I'm talking about Chex Quest.

While I know there's a grandfather clause in place for games and boards before rules were tightened, and this game certainly is deserving of a board, eating a bowl of Chex as fast as possible is something that very definitely is against the current rules


What We Do Not Accept

At this time, we are not adding the following:

- Short/Trivial Games
- Generic Puzzle Games
- Generic Typing Games
- Geography Games
- Vocabulary/Math and other Educational Games
- Quiz Games
- Generic Sudoku Solvers/Minesweeper Remakes/Rubik's Cube Solvers/etc.
- Visual Novels/Interactive Movies
- PvP-Related Activities
- High-Score Based Submissions
- Non-Video-Game Activities

Emphasis mine. So is this ok? Certainly, if people want to do this "speedrun" nothing is stopping them but I don't think it's something the site should devote resources to tracking.

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This is the same case as the Pencil Sharpening Simulator game.
While being an actual game, I suppose it can be hard/impossible to track all miscellaneous "real-life" categories that people might add to their leaderboards.


I like how they added 27 sub-categories to account for all the pringles types and sizes.

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The difference is those boards pre-date the tightening of standards for acceptance. Chex Quest does not. That's why I bring it up.


The game itself and most of its categories do not involve a real-life activity, so there is nothing wrong with the game or the fact it was accepted into the site.
I agree that those real-life categories are silly at best, but the rules you quoted are talking about requesting games only.
My point is that it can be very hard or impossible to find categories like that across the site, and nothing prevents game moderators from adding categories like that in the first place.

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The rules are for what the site won't accept. Surely there's no exception for when they're tacked on to a legitimate board. In that case, why doesn't somebody put a Doki Doki Literature Club category in their game.

Anyway, I really wanted to bring this to the staff's attention. Maybe it is no big deal, idk (seems like it should be, but my opinion doesn't matter).

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Shall I take it from the lack of replies by people with shields (and the continued existence of the category) that this is deemed acceptable? If so, that's fine. Unexpected, but fine.

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The category's clearly just to have a little fun and only has two runners, I don't see the harm. Especially when there's an actual game attached.


Well, the point behind the site rejecting stuff like this wholesale is to not expend site resources on stuff that isn't speedrunning. No one is stopping these "runners" from doing this "speedrun" but should be tracking it? As I read the site rules, the answer is no. To reiterate my earlier example, why not tack categories for other prohibited activities onto legitimate leaderboards, where's the harm in that? (it's the same harm, using site resources for stuff the rules say it doesn't accept)


The site rules govern approval needed to add GAMES, not CATEGORIES. There is no site approval needed to add categories to existing games. With game requests as slow as they already are, I doubt site mods would be interested in adding category requests to their queue, as well.

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They probably just want the communities to handle that. But for new game requests, if that's the main thing of the game, they won't allow it.


For me I'm fine with it as long as it's tucked away in misc. Having it as a main category doesn't sit right with me

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