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Not sure if this has been said or if it's just me, but the video tab goes beyond the space designed for it on my profile.


First off, I do not agree with the practice of making the desktop version of a site less optimized for desktop use just to accomodate mobile users. It's a trap so many sites fall into and it's terrible, and IMO not a change that should be made just to make things "look more modern". "Modern" webdesign means making a website mobile-friendly to the point of compromising desktop users, which isn't appropriate for IMO. Would be better to use seperate layouts for desktop/mobile. With that said, I realize this is a philosophical disagreement and if you want to have just one layout for both (be it for philosophical or practical reasons) I'm going to respect that.

However there are some real issues with it on desktop: Waaaay too much vertical spacing between leaderboard categories on game pages, and the mods list overflows its container sometimes. Rules no longer show up in plain view and are instead hidden behind a clumsy button, terrible. The page header shouldn't be semi-transparent, looks awkward when scrolling down (such as in the forums). That's all I've found briefly reviewing the new layout, I bet there's many more I haven't spotted yet.

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[Here's]( a bug. And all the spacing is way off here (plus the tiny buttons on the right side of Extra Variables).

Also these headings on guides are in a completely different font from the rest of the site (doesn't fit/match at all), plus they're way too huge (and the index isn't boxed-in, as well as too much space between "Index" heading and the first section link).
I like the hr's to separate sections, but I think the hr should be above the heading (directly underneath the previous section) instead of directly below the heading.

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I understand the need for responsivity as sgdq was about to start, but damn this feels terribly rushed.

At least I'll put my 2 cents in, the header of the leaderboard section is broken on mobile. The rest, on mobile, looks great.

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Oh another thing, still on mobile, it's not intuitive that I can click on the leaderboard to watch a run. Especially that if I click on the name of the runner, which is right in the middle, I'll actually be redirected to the runner's profile.


did the search break somehow? wtf kind of design is this where the basic elements dont work

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Yes search broke. Its being worked on. Please have patience. 👍️

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"wtf kind of design is this where the basic elements dont work"

It's the kind where it just launched, and things are being fixed 😃

Whenever my search bar doesn't cooperate, I have been going to the "Games > All Games" tab and searching there, just as a temporary Plan-B. The search on that page works perfectly, and even better, since the results show up immediately and in a more comprehensive format.

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Why do series pages show so many genres and platforms that the HUGE majority of the games in the actual series actually cover? I don't think this was the case before.


with the new layout, leaderboards which have emulator runs hidden by default are showing emulator runs by default.

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You can no longer tell if a run has a comment on it by just glancing over to the icon on the right. This frustrates me greatly please fix.

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Oh my god the mobile version is absolutely infuriating. I liked having the same view as desktop, but now most information is hidden. Forcing desktop version doesn't fix it, and zooming has been locked out. It was perfectly fine before, but now it's gimped. Phones are terrible for web browsers as it is, and now it requires more precise finger pressing. For the love of the site PLEASE FIX THIS.

Please ban gif avatars until a solution to it is found, I have to browse with images disabled other in a desperate attempt to save bandwidth.
Seriously, everyone here using a super large gif as an avatar should be ashamed of themselves.

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@ROMaster2 please dont hate the 👍️ . Kappa

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@Trollbear666, it's not you, it's this guy:

😃 😃

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As I was going through some random users in the forums, I noticed that when a user has a coop-run with allot of people, it'll mess up the layout really bad.

Information-Page -> Mod of part is also ... meh

Since ALLOT of stuff can be fixed with simple CSS-Changes, could you maybe put the CSS-File on github and allow people to fork it and check for updates? Would also fill the account with new repos Kappa

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Seeing a lot of these double results for runs:

The first one, the pokemon tcg one, has only just shown up since the page's last update. A few hours ago there was only one run by Gcah, now its showing the exact same run twice.

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I can't seem to find a way to search through the responses for key words, so I am unsure if my problem has been mentioned yet. I am a mod on the GTA V leaderboards. We used to have the leaderboards naturally ordered by default with the 'time with loads' column rather then the 'time without loads'. This is because few people bother to use the loadless timer because it can not be used on the most competitive patch and Rockstar continually breaks it when they release new patches. Currently, whenever anyone comes to the page they are greeted with this: This is less than ideal -.- Clearly the runs are not being shown in order of speed completed. Just hope we can get an option to resolve this at some point.


@darkviper88 I believe it's a known bug that should be fixed soon...ish


New layout is far worse. Everything is too far apart, I dislike the rounded edges on everything and most of all I HATE that you can no longer show rules by default and instead they can only be seen in that hideous, out-of-place popup box.

Also, the "edit game" tools for game moderators is really broken; text overlaps itself and it's really hard to understand.

All in all, I think the new layout is awful. What on EARTH was wrong with the old one?? I can't think of a single thing that's been improved, and tons of things that have been broken. Even putting aside the aesthetics (which I guess some people could like?) it just functions so much worse now.

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@Ganelon new layout isnt going away, help them by pointing out the bugs.