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The number showing how many new notifications I have doesn't go away after I read them.

There should be an option to sort leaderboards by time with loads by default. Right now, the talos principle leaderboards are completely messed up:

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Bug: In the list of followed games in Settings, it's showing the image that was uploaded as the icon instead of the resized image, as shown here.

The Super Mario Galaxy icon is too big for my screen...

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I know you are prob. working on a fix but I cannot read anything. XD



I would like to be more optimistic, but the new design only has one thing better so far: tabs for the run categories.

For the worse things:
1) No comment (if present) when hovering mouse over a run.
2) Spacing is just. horribly. wrong... the new design is just so stretched it doesn't feel web 2.0, it feels like a beta version, sorry to say that but that's the truth : /
3) There is a strange font in several places, like the runs awaiting verification.

Runs are still not opening in a new window (regardless if we right click and choose open in new tab or window, or ctrl+ or shift+ click.
Statistics are still f¤¤¤ed up - need to change the zoom level first to see it correctly (Chrome)
Messages are still not implemented, surely would help a GREAT deal.

Those are just the first impressions... I surely would like it to be better, but for now - allow us to select the old layout... Thank you.

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I think I'm the only one who's had no issues with it yet, I got the white boxes issue once and it's good now.

Big fan SeemsGood

Also I guess the icons are good for me on my game because I made them to correct size.



4) Rules are not shown by default, even the option to show them by default is gone.

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To be honest, I totally dislike this new layout. Especially how the "Show rules"-button works is something that was way better before the update. Please make it possible to change this back again.

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It's definitely looking better but this might need to be fixed as well:

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Is there any way to stick with the old layout? Not a fan.

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Oh, here's a new one :

Some alignment is not respected here

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We fixed some of the caching issues, so the themes and searchbar should be working alright now.

Thanks for the bug reports and feedback so far guys, keep it coming and I'll get it to it all.

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how to get back to standart outlay?


favicons on moderated games list don't seem to be resized correctly

too many players = text goes out of the box


1) The "search" window doesn't seem to work all the time, don't know why.
2) When you click directly on a time in IL table, it redirects you to "undefined".
3) Horrible spacing in "edit game" page and many other places, especially if it's time in HHMMSS format with (in-game time). Check my profile of full-runs and you'll see what I mean 🙂
4) I have 2 notifications and have no idea how to get rid of it. Previously I just had to open notifications and the number disappeared.
5) - seems like if you use low resolution and the game page has a lot of variables, the variables at the end will be completely off the form.

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1: It's impossible to delete stuff if you add them. I tried to add a variable and can't delete it because the X is gone or way off screen because of the terrible spacing. This is an issue in full game categories as well can't remove the category.
2: The icons for deletion, moving up and down, etc are way too small in full game categories and still small in ILs. I'm sorry I don't have ant vision.
3: Some text is way too close to each other like in IL categories where Name, Rules, and Options are literally under the text above it.

Just please fix the spacing because that is really annoying me and from what I can tell others as well.

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Well, duh, just compare:

to comments...

Please let people decide which layout they want to use ... alternative themes don't change the situation.

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Changelog page has no background

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IL leaderboards are misaligned

and with the above, text with links look almost just like normal text, so people will never know what's clickable