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Hey All,
We've made some significant performance improvements in the last few hours, and the site should be much faster. That said, we're getting reports that some people are still experiencing a very slow site when logged in. (And a fast experience when logged out)

If you're seeing this please respond and let us know! We're trying to track down the issue with some specific accounts. Please make sure this issue is still occurring right now before posting. Thanks!

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For me, every page takes 12-16 seconds to load. This is probably a bit of improvement over the 15-25 seconds interval that was before, but still slow.

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Yep, still happening.

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My case would be similar to @Oreo321Oreo321 's, but I did notice that I didn't get the "site under pressure" notice when I loaded the forums now.

PS: I don't know if me not getting the notice is indicative of anything, since there's probably less traffic than usual right now (I figure some users aren't aware the "read-only" mode is gone, so they're probably avoiding the site for the time being), so I'll keep monitoring that on my end at least.

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Still extremely slow for me. 15+ second page loads.

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Faster for me. Going back and forth between several pages, like the boards I mod and the forums goes in 3-5s.

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I don't know if this is related too, but there also seems to be some... oddity with logging in/out for me specifically here.

When I'm logged in, I'll occasionally then load a page to find I'm "logged out" however a refresh fixes it, and the opposite is true too, with me just now attempting to logout only for me to then load another page and I'm somehow still logged in.

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It's not quite as bad as it was, but logged in is still notably slower than browsing while not logged in.

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Really slow still, 10-15 seconds to load any page while logged in. But after log out - around a second.

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Still slow for me as well. API seems far more stable though, so that's nice.

Edit: Lol immediately after posting this it improved dramatically. Pages are loading near instant for me now.

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Working super fast now, like it used to long time ago, pages loading in ~1 second, this is very goood.

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Finally a much needed change after so long.

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I noticed an improvement in load speed as well! Lookin' good

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This is amazing! Your engineers deserve a raise.

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Back to its old speed for me. Super fast 😃
Although I will say, for whatever reason SR.C signed me out and wouldn't accept my password despite having not changed it for ages. A password reset fixed it, but it was still kinda strange.


All issues are fixed ! The site is reactive and fast now as logged in, just verified 80 runs in record time, thank you for fixing !!

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Yep, now it finally works like it did before. Glad to see the site about speed is finally speedy again.

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Seems to have speeded up a lot for me now.

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