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They probably wanted something unique for the World record title, something to make it stand out i feel


Also, since Guinness' verification requirements are so stringent, I could see how that could conflict with moderation of existing categories.




I'm surprised The Messenger isn't on this list since the official Guinness Worlds Records youtube channel has the Any% No OoB record there.




cool start


Don't really care about GWR. But "yay" for the people going for these weird categories. I guess you gotta start somewhere before the real serious categories and games I take it.

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oh wow




"The users moderating a game should represent the consensus by the players of the game for who should be moderating. If it is evident that moderators are not representative of consensus among runners, site staff may change moderation. Site staff will consider involvement of community members with the game when evaluating consensus. A 51-49 vote may not be a clear consensus, and we do not want to change the leaderboard every time community opinion shifts slightly, or someone new runs the game for another vote." - Site Moderation Rules

I'm fairly certain the clear community consensus is that the categories that were added suck, and that the site staff's actions are not representative of consensus among runners. I'd like to request that the site staff change moderation.

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So the minecraft GWR is "impossible" apparently (essentially):

Is this known?

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why are these rulesets all so hilariously terrible

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@diggitydingdongdiggitydingdong HOLY SHIT I legit tried that parkour for hours before guessing that I was just too stupid to do it. im shook rn

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@PacPac God Of War is impossible because there are 2 Challenges that depend on time and there is not enough time to complete in the conditions imposed in the rules, I would recommend that someone revise the rules, as it is, there will be no Runs.


- Put the game on the ''Give me a History'' difficulty
- Kratos does not exceed level 2
- Let something equipped in the Axe and Blades


Uh, dude. Pac is not responsible for the creation of these categories or their rules. That's all with GWR.


hm, that's okay, I just thought he would be able to talk to the GWR about it