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In co-operation with Guinness World Records, we are launching some GWR-made categories. The WR holder in these categories can apply for an official GWR title, and will receive a GWR trophy in their profile.

Currently they are running three categories on the site:

Fastest time to beat all six boss rematches in Super Mario Odyssey
Fastest time to complete all Muspelheim Impossible Trials in God of War 2018 with Common level equipment
Fastest time to collect all six enchanted apples on the 10 years of Minecraft map

And there may be more in the future. A game with GWR categories will have a GWR dropdown on its leaderboard (like the Misc dropdown), and you can find a list of games with GWR categories along with more info on the GWR page (accessible from More > GWR).

The moderators of these games are co-operating with this campaign, and all runs will be verified by them. Be sure to check the category rules, and the main GWR rules.

Good luck to all competitors!

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Gub Wub of World Rub

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everything old is new again

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how about for herdy gerdy!


How about no

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Gonna break the chain, why are the categories so random? Why not just Any% or something

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