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I'm creating this thread, because I think I've found a small mistake, or something like that. But I have to be sure.

Can you tell me how many "views" you see on this thread ?

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I doubt it’s a mistake, although idk what constitutes a view - like actually visiting the thread or just the forum the thread is in. Granted, 5k in a half hour is a lot lol.

A large amount of visitors to the site (I think Pac at one point said 70%) aren’t logged in. I’m sure they count towards the thread “views” so you might get a large number that way as it’s not just us regulars.


Even still, this thread has 3 replies (4 now) and has 5,217 views. There is a thread: that has 34 replies and hasn't broken 1,000 views yet. Hardly any threads have broken 1k views, save for the translator thread, which has 33 thousand views, but that would make more sense considering it has 88 replies.


I mean, that's what happens if you continuously reload the page, yes.
Obviously it's abusable, but it's not exactly a mistake.

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Exactly !

EDIT : So if I have a little time to spare, I can make my thread over 100,000 views ! PogChampGold ¤spam F5¤

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