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@Oreo321Oreo321 Actually you could do "c/UCoKcnqA64ovctc5FHEsWyEg". Don't need to type out channel.
Copying everything from the channel url doesn't work either because it routes to ""
That url will pull the youtube 404 page
But I digress, we shouldn't have to put c/ at the start.


If any record is tied, then it will INCORRECTLY state that the record is BEATEN.

I've heard that this has been a bug for quite a while, please fix this.

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So I dont know if its a bug or just a cap, but I currently have 64 runs waiting for verification, but only 51 of them show up and theres no way for me that I can see the rest.

I would recommend you guys to add a feature where you can choose in which order the games is listed. Currently it goes by alphabetical order.

Hope this gets resolved asap.

Thanks in advance

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@OggyerinoOggyerino That is intended behaviour


@11 No, it's not. This behavior has received numerous complaints for years.


@Oreo321Oreo321 From what I've been told by site staff a few years ago, the cap of 50 runs being displayed is intentional.


While 2FA is required for moderators to log in, it is not required for a moderator to get their API key. I'm confident that this is an oversight, as any with that API key could start rejecting/verifying runs on games you moderate.

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@11 If this is an intended feature it needs to be changed. Minimum change would be to be able to hide/show the different games and then have max 50 for each hide/show

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It's been weeks and forum notifications are still broken.

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I can't seem to fix my problem that the leaderbord isn't showing correctly at . The person in 1st has a lower time than the 2nd one. I've reuploaded both runs and its still wrong. Thanks in advance.

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Trying to get a users runs via the API breaks if they have changed their username. I tested the following code ( on both myself and @SS and got a response of

{'data': [], 'pagination': {'offset': 0, 'max': 20, 'size': 0, 'links': []}}

but it works correctly when tested with @AnInternetTrollAnInternetTroll


I recently introduced a variable to the following game, and now the LB's get filtered to whatever I set as default, instead of everything I want. I have to go to filter -> game version -> any to get the leaderboard I want. Am I missing something, or is this just bork?


Don't set a default value for the variable. This is what the default does, it automatically filters the leaderboard.

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The div at the bottom of a leaderboard containing the text "Note: newly submitted or approved runs may take a few minutes to appear. Thanks for your patience!" overlaps with the bottom run of a leaderboard, making half of it unclickable.


Getting a lot of "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT" errors in console after this new update

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@diggitydiggity Those are because you're using an adblocker or some other extension/add-on that prevents things from loading (hence "blocked by client", you are the client), not because of anything wrong with the site itself.

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Oh, yes, my bad.


I assume the new Update is a Bug right?

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It's been weeks and forum notifications are still broken.

It's been about a month and forum notifications are still broken.