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Not familiar with how browser caches and whatnot work, but I recall being able to do ctrl+F5 to get assets to update immediately. Maybe things have changed though


CTRL + F5 effectively busts the browser cache, making it so that any images/icons stored on it are cleared (thus requesting them again from the server and getting the new updated ones).

However, this only affects browser cache and not the server's (otherwise it'd be pretty broken), so if the icons are also stored on server cache then I'm afraid there's not much you can do other than sit on your thumbs and wait.


Hello,im the Red Sword Moderator for Clans of Clans,yesterday we added our own Trophies to the Leaderboard but some strange reason the third Trophie seems to be bugged for some people.

We used all the right Tools in Photoshop to make the background invis but still for some ppl it is getting displayed with a white background as you can see in the screenshot


Bug with deleting categories - then the runs still existing.

If there are runs submitted to a category with a specific variable, and that variable is deleted, says "are you sure? runs associated with that variable will be deleted" or something along those lines - well, they aren't deleted. they literally still exist. you can find the run that isnt deleted by going onto your main profile, looking at the runs you have done.

for example, i deleted the bonus island III variable on the leaderboards (since we're moving it to category extensions) and it literally still exists in my run page. just under the name "any% - 0.6.x" which does not make any sense. you cant any% a version. what world map is it doing? its a nonsensical thing and im not sure why it wasnt deleted when the variable was. this is a pretty big bug. it doesnt appear anywhere on the supertux leaderboards - so why is it in my run list?


On the moderator page for Edit Game, there is a small question mark next to the 'Power' column, and I would assume either hovering over it or clicking on this question mark would indicate the abilities of all the types of moderators, however, there is just nothing there. This might not be a bug but I am assuming it is. This is also the case for the question marks on the 'Regions obsolete each other' and 'Platforms obsolete each other' options under the Info section under Edit Game


@WiiSuperWiiSuper that isnt a bug lmao. Hover over it with your mouse. Its there to explain stuff 😃


@Shac0leShac0le He just mentioned that he tried hovering over it with his mouse and that it didn't show anything


Regarding the missing tooltips - There are places (like the tooltip of the "default" property of variables) where you hover with the mouse and then you see a "fancy" tooltip that shows up immediately.
And there are other places, like @WiiSuperWiiSuper mentioned, where you need to hover, wait a few seconds, and then you will see a regular tooltip.

Those can be upgraded to bootstrap tooltips too.

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Are the notifications broken? Someone beat an existing IL today in the game I run, for it to not show up in my notifications at all.

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@OscillatingOcelotsOscillatingOcelots Last I checked, runs don't get deleted when you delete a variable, that would be silly. It just removes the variable from the runs that had it. Or if you're just deleting one value from a variable it either sets the run to the default value or leaves it blank if there isn't a default. Deleting categories does remove runs however.

Edit: to specify, deleting a subcategory doesn't delete runs, only deleting categories does.

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So, I am a Moderator in a few games, and I see in my notifications: A new run is awaiting verification in ... ! But when I click on: Runs awaiting verification, I dont see those runs. It says 84 at the top of my screen, but on that page theres only around 30! Sorry for my bad English, and I hope you understood what I mean, but that is important! Idk why that happens but a week ago it was normal so yeah.


I think the "runs awaiting verification" page only shows the 50 oldest runs. So while the other runs exist, you can't see all of them at once.
This issue was reported several times now, and is around for months/years.

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Bug: (note: I am a game mod) When I try to edit a multiplayer category and try to hover the mouse over the [?] next to the "Player obsoletion mode" option, it keeps popping up over again. It's flashing. If you go fullscreen and leave again, it shows normally and is readable but if you refresh again, it happens again.


I had a couple runs verified 5 days ago but they still aren't on the leaderboard.

These runs should be appearing on the leaderboard by now, right? They are on my profile and they are counted on the statistics page for the game.


@muzzlmuzzl That's not a bug. Your runs used an emulator, and the leaderboard is set up with emulator runs hidden by default. If you filter by "emulators - shown" you will see your runs.
You can talk with the game moderators to see if they can change this setting.


Thank you! It is resolved now.


I have what I think is a bug in the way co-op runs obsolete each other. You can see it on the N++ Co-op Intro leaderboard

Co-op runs of this game can have one or two players, and we currently have the Player Obsoletion Mode set to "Match all, any order." If you're showing obsolete runs, you'll notice that Kostucha has a run he did alone, obsoleted by a run he did with Fnyt. We would really like to show this run, but we don't want to change obsoletion mode to "Match all, exact order." I would expect "Match all, any order" to recognize that Kostucha alone is a different team than Kostucha + Fnyt.

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It seems that the Verify/Reject buttons do not appear when the submitted run is obsolete.


@BackspacedBackspaced The buttons are there - if the run is obsolete, you need to click on the 3 dots icon, and then you will see the options to verify, reject or edit the run. I agree that it's really confusing.


The little Icons for Category Extensions are not updating for me,still got the wrong picture there 😃