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On the front page, information is formatted to stay at the top of their boxes (if boxes extend past a single line, for instance). All except for the date of the run, that is.
This inconsistency should be fixed.

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I'm a moderator of the Ico ( leaderboard. Recently we created a Co-op category with 2 subcategories in it (called 50hz/60hz for game version differences).

For some reason, every time a run is submitted to this category it omits one of the runner's names and it never appears under any of the subcatgories, no matter which one it's set on when the run is submitted. The runner confirmed to set themselves as "Player 2" when submitting the run. Furthermore, when I edit the run as a moderator, correcting these "errors" changes nothing about the submission.
Example of this issue is in this latest submitted run

Hope anybody can help us here!


although this has likely been reported before, i'm not currently receiving any notifications for any followed games, including forum posts, new records and my own runs being verified

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For some reason, the in-game time of this run of mine is showing up on the boards as 32:12.000:

This is despite the time actually being set as 32:12.290:

Perhaps some kind of edge case because my real time happens to be exactly 33:13.000?

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Mentioned this on the Discord, but I'll put it here too

On the IL page there are many cases where the incorrect run is shown as WR (seems to involve RTA vs IGT)

Here is one example
edit: I will note - There are many situations where even with both RTA and IGT filled in for all runs, the overview page still sorts incorrectly


@ThermosporeThermospore The reason is (most likely) because 1ST place hasn't set "Time with loads" which the game itself is timing by "Time with loads"

You can just fix your Time with loads and it should be fine

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Hello, I was updating the categories for Vainglory ( ), but for some reason all runs disappeared from the leaderboard. I didn't delete them and they still exist, but they don't appear in the game page.

Edit: I managed to fix it, I left a variable vith value "---" as the "default" parameter, which apparently caused the website to hide all of the runs. Deleting that variable fixed the issue.


@JohnWeakJohnWeak This is because the variable "Hero" has the value "---" as default value.
Leaderboards are filtered by default values by default, so you probably want to remove the default property of this value, and it will fix the leaderboard.
Also, you might want to consider removing the "---" value because it doesn't make much sense, I guess.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Believe it or not, I did that just before reading your message 😆 Thank you regardless 🙂


@KaiKai. There are many situations where even with both RTA and IGT filled in for all runs, the overview page still sorts incorrectly


When you load a page for the first time, if the categories would take up more than one row, they do not resize to make two "pretty" rows. Instead, they just extend to a second row, leaving a lot of empty space.

However, if you change the size of the window at all, it will quickly resize to make two "pretty" rows.


Expected Behavior
Categories should form two "pretty" rows immediately upon page load, with no window resize required.

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It is just me or is sending me notifications like, you've been added to as a mod (3 hours ago), and i've been mod of that game for 1 week, also like: your WR has been beaten by AphelDD (9 minutes ago) and has been beated like 2 days ago, is sending me again notifications, idk how to explain it, like old notifications, please tell me its not only me


@NoiceNoice The notifications didn't work for about 2 weeks, so now everyone get all the unsent notifications from those days. No need to worry about that.

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It'd be nice to have some way of knowing whether or not forum post suggestions will be considered. As of right now, it's a bit like speaking into a void, and I wonder if I should repost in case it was missed. (I posted a bug in 2016 and never got a response, so I'm not sure if it's a mistake that I somehow made, or an issue with the site, or intended behavior.)
I assume replying to each post is too labor-intensive, but maybe a public document that shows the status of bug reports & suggestions would be reasonable, showing which are planned to be fixed and which ones have been fixed?

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I also reported that IL WR sorting bug a couple years back and it's still here haha


More in-depth explanation of the bug @TiyentiTiyenti was describing above, including a workaround. This only happens in a very specific circumstance but I would still prefer if it were fixed.


Hey, I was messing around with the messaging system in its infancy and sent a few messages containing pretty large payloads. Me and the person I was messaging noticed that the site feels like it's constantly under pressure. When checking the GET to the root domain, I saw that the response contains the messages. As a result, loading the site causes a load of >20MB of messages and slows loading to a crawl. I've heard a few others have had issues after sending similarly long messages. Is there any chance this could be changed?

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I cant change the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th place trophy, i only can have the defaults or the firsts ones that i added, but if i want to change it it will chage it to the firsts ones that i added


It seems the trophy icons are saved in a server cache instead of browser cache. They will get updated, but it can take up to several hours or one day until you see the changes.