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@GumjawGumjaw Can you please share a picture of how that variable is defined?


Here's a few snaps in a google doc:

Now that I go back to the page, the Version column HAS appeared but the variable for the one Hard% run is not displaying at all.

Is this just a matter of how long it takes things to update on the (presumably new) servers?

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@GumjawGumjaw This is probably because of the elevated traffic, runs takes some time to show updated values.
By the way, you probably want to turn off the "User defined" property of the variable. That gives the runners the option to define new values for the variable, when they submit new runs.


Thanks for the help.

I want to keep the User Defined on since this game is still very new and minor patches are being added regularly. It's easier for runners to just input the correct version than waiting for me to add it myself. 🙂

Thanks though!


Also, I can confirm that everything is displaying properly now that some time has passed.


Time units on leaderboards are always stuck on 9h 59m 59s 999ms even though I set them to 9:59:59.999

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just verified and the new run doesn't pop up on the leaderboard. Just me or is something fishy going on?


@xenkaroshixenkaroshi Read this:
Also each leaderboard has a new text that notifies you for being patient until new runs show up.

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There seems to be an issue with some moderator accounts not receiving the email for PIN verification, thus locking them out of their accounts. I tried logging in from my phone a couple days ago, never received an email and instead had to load up my pc where i was already logged in. Other moderators from the Ape Escape server are currently unable to log into their accounts at all the past couple days. Might be the same for other users aswell.


I can safely say that the leaderboards runs not showing up is still happening. Also at least for me does seem to trigger if anything about a leaderboard may be changed.

I know earlier I added IGT for Robotech Battlecry for the ILs since I forgot to do that when creating them as well as making 1 of the variables a required field.

Considering it didn't affect things since their was only 2 IL times for that side of the boards. BUT changing the variable to required even though the field was already in caused the runs to disappear from the leaderboards. And those were already visible. It shows in the notifications for me as a mod that everything is good and I can still view the runs but it's not showing up.

Figured I'd point that out.

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Probably a bug - because the new pronoun options in the "edit profile" page are checkboxes, you can select several of them and save them all at once.


That’s not a bug, that’s how pronouns work. You can choose to identify with He/Him and They/Them at the same time as an example. It’s your way of saying “either of these are acceptable when referring to me”. So, someone could easily be okay with being identified by any combination (or all) of the options.

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Is there a specific method for reporting security-related bugs? While the bug I found isn't a security vulnerability per se, it does have security implications. Since Pac is no longer maintaining, the post on the first page of this thread doesn't really apply anymore.


@WhenGryphonsFlyWhenGryphonsFly From the help/contact page, security vulnerability reports go to:


Thanks. I thought I looked there, but clearly not hard enough.


Hey all. Not sure if this has to do with but an old run from a game I'm moderating seems to have gotten unverified somehow -- it's now in my Runs awaiting verification list and it disappeared from the game leaderboard:

I'm pretty sure I approved the run when it popped up a year ago. I would reapprove it but don't want to mess things up even more.


@lialia Are you sure?

A hundred-eleventh, a hundred-twelfth, a hundred-thirteenth?

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@jenxjenx It could be that the runner of the run in question has changed something in the run details, and so it was sent back to re-verification. It can be anything - the video link, comments, run date, etc. So it doesn't look like there is anything irregular here. You can contact the runner to be sure.


@Oreo321Oreo321 Gotcha, thanks. Will talk to them.