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Games with multiple rows of categories used to be formatted to fill the entire horizontal space with tabs. This is no longer the case, causing some leaderboards to look visually unappealing.

I'm assuming this is unintentional because changing the resolution in any way (e.g. zooming in and out, opening inspect element, resizing browser) will revert the formatting back to normal. I looked through a few pages in this thread to see if anyone else has reported, so hopefully this isn't a repost.

Some examples (try zooming in and out on these pages to notice the difference):

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Text disappears when loading stuff like others speeedruns and it’s stat, your profile settings, loading messages, and even the leaderboards it self when leaving someone’s speedrun, this is the worst bug in speed history and should be fixed immediately

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Whenever I check a few pages on the website thru mobile, it goes really wrong. Like it doesn’t show the icons and symbols properly. I have to either copy the link to new tab then paste it or hold the link to show up then go back to the page from where you left hold it. Is there anything wrong with it when using mobile?

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I recently posted my IL speedrun for Super Smash Flash 2 (specifically Jigglypuff Break the Targets character specific stage) and while it does accurately show the WR time on the IL leaderboards, when viewing the rankings for that IL category it shows an obsolete run as WR instead of the most recent WR I submitted.


@meleewaluigimeleewaluigi It's showing up normally for me. Sometimes you may have to refresh your browser cache (Ctrl+F5 on Windows).


I just verified a run for Stinkoman 20X6 in the Classic Mode category, but it won't show up normally. When the leaderboard filter is set to "Any Platform" it says there are no runs, but when I filter for "Web" as the platform, it shows up. The only platform this game is on is web, and this has not been a problem for the other categories.


Never mind, it's working as normal now.


@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Right now it seems the entire "users" page has been taken down (and it's not in the menu either)


Statistics Page is also removed... 🙁


Times on leaderboards are again showing for me as "9h 59m 59s 999ms" even though my settings are to show them as "9:59:59.999" (and they do on user pages).

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So for one of the games I mod, we renamed our 2 categories and added 2 new categories with the names of the original 2 categories, then transferred appropriate runs to the newly created categories. Did it in this order because it meant less runs needed to be moved.
Now this would be fine, but the boards don't look correct now.
First, some of the runs are still appearing in the original categories, though if you click them the category on the run page is correct. (Given that this has fixed itself for some of them, I suspect it is a time/cache based thing and am not worried.)
Second, on the new categories, only the first run that was moved (the WR) appears. Other runs don't appear unless a filter is applied. I'm not sure what to make of this though I recall it being mentioned before so maybe it's known.


OK yeah disregard. It looks like both things are getting resolved automatically by waiting.
Sorry for the disturbance.

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I could be missing a step but I want to add a Variable (non sub category) onto the page however it is only showing the default value whenever you load the page, you can only show the alternative filter when going through filters on the site (I essentially want something similar to what SM64 has with Verified for KH1 with the title HDD instead of Verified.

Possibly due to Elevated Holiday Traffic perhaps?

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@SaiyanzSaiyanz Default value for a variable is supposed to be shown by default when loading the leaderboards. (The logic is written on a tooltip when you hover on the "default " option).
If you don't want it, then remove the default value from that variable.

I guess that default values make more sense on sub-categories variables.

Clicking on the runners name for the above run, you get taken to instead of the correct


I've been getting virus alerts lately when viewing certain boards. Not sure if it's a bug or of there's something triggering my antivirus.

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The ajax_leaderboard.php seems to have an incredibly aggressive server-side cache. Looking at the HTTP headers, there's supposed to be a 2 minute cache, but neither waiting these 2m, doing a force reload, disabling the cache, or opening the page in incognito cause it to update. Instead the only option is to wait even longer, I've spent 20+ minutes multiple times already. It happens to me in NZ, and other mods I've spoken to from the US West, and Italy, so it doesn't seem to be particularly regional.

This is very frustrating when trying to update rules and double check their formatting. I of course get that you've got increased traffic during the holidays and you need to cache things, and leaderboards really don't need to be updated that quickly. It would be nice if the server cache was shorter and client was longer, so people like myself could force reload, or maybe editing the rules should instantly regenerate the page.



I'm trying to set up a "Patch version" variable on the Ring of Pain leaderboards but it will only show the "default" variable and all others can only be seen with a filter.

If I uncheck the "default" variable option, then I can see all the runs by the "Patch Version" column is also removed. I know what I'm trying to achieve is possible since many other boards do it (See Hollow Knight for one example).

I noticed a few other folks posting about similar issues above and I hope there's some kind of solution. Please advise. Thanks.