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In the game I recently became a moderator; and I changed the timing rules a bit and also decided to remove milliseconds. I retimed all runs, set milliseconds to 000 everywhere, and then removed the "Time in milliseconds" setting.

There are runs that still show the "000" milliseconds:

Edit: I managed to fix it by going to the runs with "000" milliseconds, and approve them again without changing anything in the run details.

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There seems to be a bug when viewing newer games on the games page or a series page where players/runs aren't correct. For example, the game Google Santa Tracker has 150 runs in total, but when viewing on the series page it says 0 runs. Here are two screenshots.

Please look into this, thanks 😃

Edit: I think this may be with all games

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To add to what @BroBro said:
I never sorted the games list by number of runs, but after doing so it looks very buggy.

There are games (like "Google Santa Tracker" above) where the number of runs in the games/series list is lower than the number of runs in the statistics page.

There are also games where that happen in reverse. For example, the statistics page for show that there are 89 runs in total, but its series game list shows there are 110 runs.

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Also, the GUIs on mobile are really weird. Please also look into

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Hey, I've noticed something weird going on recently:

Let's say I'm viewing the leaderboard for Example-Game's 100% runs, which has 2 subcategories: glitches and glitchless. I decide to view the world record run for glitchless, so I click on its entry. I then go back to the previous page (not by clicking on anything on the actual page, just going back as one does in their browser) and even though the glitchless leaderboard is still highlighted in the choices, the glitches leaderboard is displayed. I have to click onto another category/subcategory and go back to the one I actually want to see in order to view the actual leaderboard again.

I've noticed this kind of thing happen a few times recently, and my brain is telling me it's a new problem (but it might not be- I could just be forgetting any times before then that it happened).
Either way, figured it was worth reporting.


Don't know if this is really a bug or not but I was looking at Spelunky 2 WR Holder Kinnijups run

I looked on their profile and see it states they had not been on the site in a year despite
submitting multiple runs within the past year.

I don't think the mods submitted it themselves because usually if they
did it would look something like this?

or maybe im just missing something about that and im just confused


@Winter_DoggoWinter_Doggo that is a known issue and I reported it a few months ago in regards to sub-forums. If you want to see this same behavior, go to a series forum (like the Zelda series), hit the toggle to view sub-forums (the forums for each game) and click on a game. Then go back in the browser and you’ll return to the series forum page with the sub-forums toggle enabled, but the sub-forums won’t be displayed.

The site seems to have an issue when going back to a screen that has a toggle of some kind. It seems like the site shows the default view for a screen even if the browser remembers that you had the toggle selected.

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What is happening with the issues with the mobile site? It’s been broken for a number of weeks now.

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I can't fully delete milliseconds from run times. If I remove the time it just forces 000ms. Even if a run has no milliseconds value already, just clicking in the box for it forces 000ms.

EDIT: This is fixed now, thank you Elo

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Can't remove milliseconds for some reason, never happened before. The categories doesn't enforce milliseconds.
If I click in the milliseconds box, even if there's nothing, 000 appears and can't remove them.

Example run (for mods):

Same with every game.
Other mods have the same issue.

This need to be fixed asap, or every run we approve will have to be edited later.

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We are aware of the ms bug and have raised it to Elo.

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I can add some more info to the millisecond bug. This seems to occur if the RTA is set to 000 MS, which intern makes the IGT always show 000 ms. I tested it on a board I mod and when the RTA is 1s 000ms the IGT was 29s 000ms. But when RTA was 1s 001ms the IGT was 29s.


IDK if it's just me, but I'm getting the bug again where newly submitted runs don't show up on the leaderboards for a while unless you apply filters.

Documented 3 weeks back, thought it was fixed but apparently it's reappeared.


When you post anything with BBCode (like a quote or URL), they don't get read by the site unless you edit the post and hit save



Unedited post: [url=] fnaf [/url]

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I forgot that thread exists, here's the issue


Some streams are duplicated on pressing "Load 50 more" button.
Condition: after "Load", they have less watchers (than the last stream that was shown before "Load").
Reason: streams are not checked if already shown (and placed according to number of watchers).

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When a variable is not used as a sub-category, the default filter is "Any" which should show all runs, but instead it filters to show only runs with the default value.

See this leaderboard for an example:

Edit: I unchecked the default value and now it works as expected. However if there is a default value, the behaviour is still odd. I guess the actual bug is that the menu indicates that the current filter is "Any" rather than the default value.

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The search bar is bugged.

When I search "tsubasa" it shows this:

When I search "captain tsubasa" it shows this:

Note that "Captain Tsubasa" and "Captain Tsubasa (NES)" lead to the same page.