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I can't fully delete milliseconds from run times. If I remove the time it just forces 000ms. Even if a run has no milliseconds value already, just clicking in the box for it forces 000ms.

EDIT: This is fixed now, thank you Elo

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Can't remove milliseconds for some reason, never happened before. The categories doesn't enforce milliseconds.
If I click in the milliseconds box, even if there's nothing, 000 appears and can't remove them.

Example run (for mods):

Same with every game.
Other mods have the same issue.

This need to be fixed asap, or every run we approve will have to be edited later.

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We are aware of the ms bug and have raised it to Elo.

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I can add some more info to the millisecond bug. This seems to occur if the RTA is set to 000 MS, which intern makes the IGT always show 000 ms. I tested it on a board I mod and when the RTA is 1s 000ms the IGT was 29s 000ms. But when RTA was 1s 001ms the IGT was 29s.


IDK if it's just me, but I'm getting the bug again where newly submitted runs don't show up on the leaderboards for a while unless you apply filters.

Documented 3 weeks back, thought it was fixed but apparently it's reappeared.


When you post anything with BBCode (like a quote or URL), they don't get read by the site unless you edit the post and hit save



Unedited post: [url=] fnaf [/url]

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I forgot that thread exists, here's the issue


Some streams are duplicated on pressing "Load 50 more" button.
Condition: after "Load", they have less watchers (than the last stream that was shown before "Load").
Reason: streams are not checked if already shown (and placed according to number of watchers).

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When a variable is not used as a sub-category, the default filter is "Any" which should show all runs, but instead it filters to show only runs with the default value.

See this leaderboard for an example:

Edit: I unchecked the default value and now it works as expected. However if there is a default value, the behaviour is still odd. I guess the actual bug is that the menu indicates that the current filter is "Any" rather than the default value.

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The search bar is bugged.

When I search "tsubasa" it shows this:

When I search "captain tsubasa" it shows this:

Note that "Captain Tsubasa" and "Captain Tsubasa (NES)" lead to the same page.


There appears to be significant lag on the "rejected runs" queue, where only runs rejected over two weeks ago appear. The main game I moderate uses a bot to automatically reject certain runs so it would be nice if they appeared immediately so we know if it's incorrectly rejecting runs.


Games with multiple rows of categories used to be formatted to fill the entire horizontal space with tabs. This is no longer the case, causing some leaderboards to look visually unappealing.

I'm assuming this is unintentional because changing the resolution in any way (e.g. zooming in and out, opening inspect element, resizing browser) will revert the formatting back to normal. I looked through a few pages in this thread to see if anyone else has reported, so hopefully this isn't a repost.

Some examples (try zooming in and out on these pages to notice the difference):

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Text disappears when loading stuff like others speeedruns and it’s stat, your profile settings, loading messages, and even the leaderboards it self when leaving someone’s speedrun, this is the worst bug in speed history and should be fixed immediately

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Whenever I check a few pages on the website thru mobile, it goes really wrong. Like it doesn’t show the icons and symbols properly. I have to either copy the link to new tab then paste it or hold the link to show up then go back to the page from where you left hold it. Is there anything wrong with it when using mobile?

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I recently posted my IL speedrun for Super Smash Flash 2 (specifically Jigglypuff Break the Targets character specific stage) and while it does accurately show the WR time on the IL leaderboards, when viewing the rankings for that IL category it shows an obsolete run as WR instead of the most recent WR I submitted.


@meleewaluigimeleewaluigi It's showing up normally for me. Sometimes you may have to refresh your browser cache (Ctrl+F5 on Windows).


I just verified a run for Stinkoman 20X6 in the Classic Mode category, but it won't show up normally. When the leaderboard filter is set to "Any Platform" it says there are no runs, but when I filter for "Web" as the platform, it shows up. The only platform this game is on is web, and this has not been a problem for the other categories.


Never mind, it's working as normal now.