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@EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly I didn't understand what the issue is.


Having the same issue as @EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly


But what are you complaining about?


Times are set to show as 0:00.000 on my profile, they are showing up as 0h 0m 000ms

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Now all of my custom settings are gone.

(except my profile itself, again)

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Times and the leaderboards themselves are now fine, but my custom setting isn't applied to the forums. I suspect this will be fixed soon though.


I ran into a small bug while trying to edit the theme for this game. I'd like to change the panel color to FAEA50 (yellow), but the site insists on displaying them as 59541D (olive) instead. Not a big deal but worth looking into

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I'm not getting notifications for new IL WRs, from the game .
I'm following the game, and those are my notification settings for it:

I am getting notifications for IL or full-game WRs in other games I'm following.

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One runner's time doesn't appear on the leaderboard at all unless you show obsolete times. I suspect it's related to it being exactly 000ms?


It's actually happening on a lot of runs. Not every run I've verified today, but a lot of them.

For example neither of these two runs show up on their leaderboard unless you show obsolete times:

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I'm having a similar issue, no sign of this bug targeting runs with 000 milliseconds but I just verified a run and it won't show unless obsolete runs are shown.

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NEVERMIND it fixed itself but will leave this here because it's still a bug
My time isn't showing up when i first load the page, and only showing up when I go into the filters and select any platform or gba, when showing obsoleted runs are ticked, or when I select to show runs as of the current date (24/11/2020).
When i first load the page:
When I click filter by any platform or gba it shows up even tho it doesn't show originally:
When show obsoleted runs:
When filter by specific date:
Really weird because I have to actively select any platform or game boy advance for it to show, as it doesn't show when I first load the page.

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Can confirm with the other posters above there seems to be an issue right now that new submitted runs will not show up initially unless you show obsolete runs, or some other filter.

The runs all show up correctly eventually, but it can take several hours. Hope there is a fix in mind for this issue.

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I don't know if the following bug is already reported. If this is the case, i apologize for the duplicate. (Maxime subcategory)
On the SBA leaderboard, there's a run whose milliseconds are not displayed.
It shows "0m 12s 000ms" but the actual in-game time is "0m 12s 580ms", as can be seen on the page of the run.

EDIT: i removed the "000" milliseconds in the non-in-game time and it's seems to have fixed the issue as a workaround (it just didn't update immediately in the leaderboard).

By the way, i also confirm the lag that affects new verified runs and that others have already reported.


In addition to the reported bug of new runs not showing properly on some leaderboards,
this also affect changes to the game settings.
I added and edited game/category/IL rules in one game; in the "edit game" page I see the recent changes, but on the leaderboard itself I see the previous version of the rules.


The user's theme (instead of the game's theme) is displayed while adding/editing anything on the Resources tab.

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In the game I recently became a moderator; and I changed the timing rules a bit and also decided to remove milliseconds. I retimed all runs, set milliseconds to 000 everywhere, and then removed the "Time in milliseconds" setting.

There are runs that still show the "000" milliseconds:

Edit: I managed to fix it by going to the runs with "000" milliseconds, and approve them again without changing anything in the run details.

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There seems to be a bug when viewing newer games on the games page or a series page where players/runs aren't correct. For example, the game Google Santa Tracker has 150 runs in total, but when viewing on the series page it says 0 runs. Here are two screenshots.

Please look into this, thanks 😃

Edit: I think this may be with all games

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To add to what @BroBro said:
I never sorted the games list by number of runs, but after doing so it looks very buggy.

There are games (like "Google Santa Tracker" above) where the number of runs in the games/series list is lower than the number of runs in the statistics page.

There are also games where that happen in reverse. For example, the statistics page for show that there are 89 runs in total, but its series game list shows there are 110 runs.

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Also, the GUIs on mobile are really weird. Please also look into

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Hey, I've noticed something weird going on recently:

Let's say I'm viewing the leaderboard for Example-Game's 100% runs, which has 2 subcategories: glitches and glitchless. I decide to view the world record run for glitchless, so I click on its entry. I then go back to the previous page (not by clicking on anything on the actual page, just going back as one does in their browser) and even though the glitchless leaderboard is still highlighted in the choices, the glitches leaderboard is displayed. I have to click onto another category/subcategory and go back to the one I actually want to see in order to view the actual leaderboard again.

I've noticed this kind of thing happen a few times recently, and my brain is telling me it's a new problem (but it might not be- I could just be forgetting any times before then that it happened).
Either way, figured it was worth reporting.