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Some of my submissions seem to just vanish. Happened to me a couple times just recently.
I had submitted a time on the boards, got the popup telling me a moderator needs to verify it, but it never goes to pending. Figured out a run was missing after other runs were verified.

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The reason why the history graph for IL records breaks is because some of the datasets are undefined.

Specifically in the updateDatasets() function, it tries to get the length of a undefined dataset.

I don't know if it's valid for dataset to be undefined. If it can be undefined under normal circumstances, then a simple !== undefined check should suffice...

If the dataset should never be undefined in the first place... well then obviously you're having a different issue.

I have a stacktrace here if it helps:


Named links in forums seem to be broken.
Expected Result: Named link links to the page in a new tab
Actual Result: the link links back to the current page since there seems to be some kind of error in the bbcode to html conversion


Video links to Bilibili have two different formats, an av link or a BV link. Currently only av links will embed properly on SRC, example av link: , example BV link:

The problem is that Bilibili stopped using the av format earlier this year, so the majority of runs submitted from that site are now not embedding properly:


Text (comments) of the run are not line-breaking if string is long, making it go "outside" of frame of comments part of submission.
Image explanation:


"G is an invalid platform." when trying to see the list of games in Game & Watch platform.
Steps to reproduce:
1) Go to
2) Click on "G&W" under the cover of that game (platform)
3) "G is an invalid platform."


When you search that platform in the games list page, the (working) link of the search turns into:

So when clicking on a platform name in any game page, the link should be URL-encoded.


The Rules for the game Project Cars 2 are not inline with the actual speedrun itself.

The rules say "Go from any tier 6 motosport to finishing 1st in a tier 1 motosport"

But the run that's 1st is going from Tier 3 to Tier 1.

Thank you for reading, I hope you can fix this.


@RAIDONKURAIDONKU that is not a site bug, that is an issue with the rules for an individual game. Issues like that need to be discussed with the current moderators of the game.


@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs My bad, first time here, How do I find the mods?


@RAIDONKURAIDONKU In the game page, you can see the four moderators at the bottom left corner.


When trying to add Save files to the "Resources" section of Neversong, it adds successfully, but when downloaded the file type changes from .sav to .lss. This occurs when placed into any of the areas in the "Resources" section. I'm unsure if this is occurring on any other games, but I've tested it for all of the sections (tools, saves, etc) for Neversong.


I believe that is a known issue, and I believe the current workaround is to zip the files first, then upload them.


The user info page does not work for users that named themselves in the format of "xxx.jpg" or similar (suffix of period and a known file format),
for example .
The page returns an error 404 because it tries to search for a non-exist file instead.


Some strange behavior I've noticed around variables: I added a new variable for difficulty to the Meteos leaderboards. Every run disappeared from the leaderboard until I clicked the button to assign the default value to everything. Not great so far, but fine. Now, though, if I edit a run to change its difficulty to anything other than the default, it also disappears from the leaderboard. It still exists at its permalink, and displays its proper position on the leaderboard, but on the leaderboard itself it will be missing and the runs below it will move up to take its place.

Is there something about configuring variables that I don't understand?


@caeonospherecaeonosphere Did you set the difficulty variable as sub-category? If so, runs won't appear on the leaderboard until they have a value set for the variable.

If it's a normal variable, my best bet is that your issues are happening because you set a default value for the difficulty.
You can see a tooltip near the default option that says something along: "when submitting runs this value will be chosen by default, and leaderboards will be filtered by this value by default".

If you didn't set a value to any of the runs, they would "disappear" because the leaderboard is filtered by the default value, but none have it.
The same will also happen, obviously, to a run with a difficulty other than the default.

Note that while the leaderboard is filtered by the default value, if you look at the filters it would seem that the "any" option is chosen instead, that is a visual bug that I reported here.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Thanks for the info! It really just boiled down to me misunderstanding what "default" meant: I assumed that it was just the presubmitted value. I should have hovered over the little question mark, I guess.

And yeah, I had checked the filter and assumed that the highlighted "Any" meant that there was no filter on difficulty. The current UI is misleading.


Like Randomii, I submitted a run which didn’t appear in my pending actions. It still existed though, and the mods of the game were able to approve it. Perhaps the glitch was due to the large number of pending runs I have at the moment?

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@ChristianAChristianA how many pending runs you do have at the moment? (Or at least, how many of them are you able to see)