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Seems the new twitch layout has broken twitch embeds on the site. Im now getting the error "Whoops! This embed is misconfigured."

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Twitch VODs are now fixed... Twitch changed their Embed rules with their new site update...

& is required in the url path for src, if this isn't present, then the embed doesn't work at all... It's tracking data for some reason. I guess they want to find where the original embed source comes from, for usage statistics... If you don't supply this param to your embeds, then nothing works...

Really glad we were told about that, thanks twitch...

(twitch did not tell us shit until it broke, then reading the documentation [which, stupidly enforces www prefix to the url before the domain address ONLY when on the website... works fine with http in testing...] shows the issue)

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@VolvagiaVolvagia What website do we need to put in? "" or the link to the run on SRC?


@Laika_the_SpacedogLaika_the_Spacedog You don't have to do anything. Just put the Twitch video link like you normally would and the site handles it.


Basically, the only way I found to fix this problem (at least for submissions I posted before this issue appeared), is to ""edit"" submissions. But it makes the runs unverified again...
So it's very annoying tbh 😕

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I did it for my TAG: The Power of Paint run. I went on my run, and basically I just pressed "edit run", and submit it again without doing any changes (if I'm not mistaken). But it automatically unverified the run. So I had to contact a mod on TAG's Discord to make this run verified again. Thankfully it was pretty quick. Now the problem is fixed for this run, but if I can avoid doing this for every runs I did so far, it would be better tbh.
btw, I did the same thing for Super Bernie World, but since I'm a mod on this leaderboard, I automatically verified the runs.


there's no padding under the "There are no runs." text. Works fine for everything else so I thought I'd mention it.

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If a runner gets a WR in a category, but someone else already got the same time before (so it's an exact tied WR),
the LB sends a notification of "{runner} beat the WR in {game category}. The new WR is {time}",
even though the WR wasn't changed at all.

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The Twitch Embeds work for the submission video, but they are still broken when it's posted in a run description.

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I don't know if that classifies as a real bug, but i noticed that "view all" and "runs awaiting verification" don't show the same. My actual run which awaits a verification only shows up in "view all". See the picture, both sides opended at roughly a second apart:


@XenorasXenoras "Runs awaiting verification" page show only the runs that are in YOUR verification queue as a game moderator.
Any pending runs you have on other games don't go here.


To clarify:

"Runs Awaiting Verification" shows runs that are pending verification in games you moderate directly.
"Pending Actions" shows your pending game requests, your pending runs, and your rejected runs.

There is no bug here.


I see, thanks. I just wondered since both say the same thing.


Just a friendly reminder that the statistics page for IL runs are still broken:

I didn't post it in the correct thread last time so here it is 🙂


so Every Full Mod Make It So that you cannot click send twice on the site or if the message duplicated then delete the duplicated ones because this happened

Someone for the love of god fix this the user @SpeedrunSpeedrun Caused the Most Notifications btw witha total of probably 500-400

The record history graph at the bottom of this games stats page doesn't seem to work with ILs. The graph just stays the way it was with full game selected and the category select boxes become unresponsive.

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The WR history graph for Skyward Sword is completely broken ( The line for Any% extends off the screen and any records set recently are hidden.

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As if June 29, 2020, the top 2 runs should be displayed as a tied 1st, except they're not.


@g0goTBCg0goTBC The board must've used time in milliseconds at some point and then checked it off which only hides the milliseconds, a moderator would need to turn it back on and remove the milliseconds from any runs that still had milliseconds in their submissions