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Unfollowing games occasionally produces a 405 error.


I think this is a general error by the site when you do any action while the site has too much traffic.


Can confirm, was hitting a few 405's and site under load issues earlier.


When editing variable values / rules, you can press SAVE or CANCEL, but it will save no matter what.


if you hit the cancel button on the "provide reason for run rejection" dialogue box, the site crashes

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Transparent PNG support seems really shaky. Even though the images appear as transparent in art programs that support them, when I upload those, they appear with a neon green background. I got around this by saving them as a GIF, though I shouldn't really need to do this.

  QuivicoQuivico support might need work. Durations don't include milliseconds and only realtime splits are shown, even when gametime splits are set at default on the site.
See attached run. Fully understand if these fixes cannot be made. This isn't of the highest priority.


Sorry if this has been reported already.

The active players stat on does not actually show the true number of currently active runners for most games on it. On all of the most popular games it is wildly off sometimes by as much as 147 runners! (In the case of Resident Evil 3 (2020)). In reality ROBLOX: Piggy is more popular than it, even though on the main games page they seem 170 players apart! This issue has existed for 6+ months now, is a fix ever coming?


If you close the section of "Today's top donator" in the front page, the section will disappear and will not show again. It appears that it is linked to the account itself, because the section is still hidden on other browsers or other computers, on the same account.
If it is intended for us to be able to hide the "Today's top donator" section, make it possible to show the section back. Maybe add a setting for it, like the GSA livestream.


Points on any of the individual level world record graphs link to incorrect runs.

Edit: it's happening on every single game


Runs which only have a time with loads listed are listed after runs with a slower time without loads when time without loads is set to default.


Runs which only have a time with loads listed are listed after runs with a slower time without loads when time without loads is set to default.


@AprilSRAprilSR Because it prioritises runs that have the "without loads" filled in over the ones that dont, so that run would need to have its "without loads" time added for it to be ranked correctly


When comming back to the leaderboard from one of the videos, it displays the leaderboard for the first version (GameCube/Shield), while having the second version (Wii) selected.

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Interesting "1 hours" display bug - on the main Forums page, the "Streaming / Recording / Equipment" row displays "1 hours" values in the "Last post" column. Contrast this with the lower "The Site" row, where this does not occur. This doesn't seem to occur on said forum subpage either.


The email template uses is so awfully out of date it says "© 2017".


This is not so much a bug as an oversight (I think) but for games with many categories such as Mario Kart Wii, you can barely make out the record history graph under the stats page



^ The canvas element for the charts always seem to have total dimensions of 612 x 817 px,
so higher height for the categories legend means less height for the chart itself.

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