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Hello, i don't know where to ask it but when i tried to submit my solo run for the game SmackDown vs Raw 2009 "Road To Wrestlemania" (CM Punk) I can't send it. The site tells me "You didn't enter enough players.". Should I enter my name again in Player 2 anyway or it's just a bug that can be fix ? (Sorry if it wasn't the right place for ask this)

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@SicariozzSicariozz That is not a bug. The category is set up with 2 players, because (only) the "Rey Mysterio and Batista" sub-category requires that.
For all other sub-categories, I guess you can put "N/A" as the second player, it should be ignored. You can also contact the moderator of the game if you want to be sure.


Okay thank you very much !

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That moderator should disable the "Exact player count" checkbox so you don't have to enter anything for Player 2.

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When adding a tool, it asks for the "Release date", but in the tools page it says "Last updated", I think those are 2 different things... shouldn't say release date even in the tools page?


Very sharp yeah @dhadha. We will forward that to Pac immediately.

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Yea not sure whats going on @ https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​cod4/​Safehouse#Veteran , something w an overwritten run?

I cant find the 2:31 run so if any of the big cheeses can help out w this ty.

ok fixed it, lmao forgot the show obsolete feature was a thing, still kind of a weird display. pls bring option to turn on only 1 time submission to ils ty


It's showing their previous PB that uses Time With Loads rather than the current record which is using Time With Loads

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You did it, You made 000 visible. Now all OCDs will be Kreygasm

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Banned users still get notifications for submitted runs

What exactly is the feedback here? Are asking why that’s the case? Are you suggesting it shouldn’t do that?

My understanding of a user being banned (someone correct me if I’m wrong) is that they can’t post in the forums (I’m not 100% sure if it stops them from submitting runs, I don’t remember), but they can still login and often times the bans can be lifted. So I see no reason why they shouldn’t get notified on a submitted run before they got banned. The ban doesn’t mean they can’t still use the site.

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@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs They're talking about a full site ban, i.e. the entire site pretty much becomes read-only for you.

For short temporary bans, I see no issue here (and it certainly isn't a bug), you'd still want to get those notifications eventually (especially if you're the only moderator). I doubt there's any infrastructure in place for deliberately holding back notifications, and we're certainly not going to bother making something like that just for banned users. For long-term/indefinite bans, they're generally removed as moderators so this isn't an issue in those cases.

Alternatively, just don't get banned and you'll never have this problem.

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Is it intended that accounts less than 7 days old aren't just prevented from sending messages but actually can't even read their incoming messages at all?


Retired podcasts on https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​podcasts show this:
<em class='text-muted'>Retired:</em>

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Two things I noticed with the messaging dropdown, the first in the first DM, a snippet of the whatever the last message is doesn't show up for whatever reason, and second in the third DM the person I sent a message to who's name is ADG, only three characters, is cut off with an ellipsis (while a longer name like in the first DM isn't).
In the actual messages section of the ellipsis cutoff isn't there but the message snippet from the first DM is still not appearing

edit: I also just noticed now that the ellipsis thing happens in a message snippet as well and seems to be tied to something being three characters or less probably


A run with 000ms "time without loads" will show 000ms "time with loads", even if with loads has a different ms value. Doesn't seem like any other value does this.

The run in question: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​talos_principle/​run/​y4w5jw2m

Additionally, a "time with loads" with 000ms won't have any milliseconds show up at all, and in fact doesn't even save the value. Swapping the two ms values around:

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I don't know how exactly to explain this with words, so I'll try to have you understand with pictures.

So in a category of a game I moderate, I filled out the requirements with a list like this:

There is no problem there, however, when I try to make a list in the rules of a miscellaneous category, it shows up like this as a result:

It doesn't let me seperate them, it forces it all into one paragraph.

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Put a space after each hyphen and they should be properly formatted into bulletpoints.

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For line breaks you need a double space in markdown.


- Insert Rule 1 here.[double space + return]
- Insert Rule 2 here.

should format it correctly.

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Thank you!


I noticed that this happens sometimes in the forums.