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i tried what you said and its there now
thank you


Not sure if this is intentional, but on the WR graph, runs from a visible category but a miscellaneous subvariable are still automatically shown. This contrasts runs from (just) miscellaneous categories, which are invisible by default.


Focus run of this user doesn't show up on the leaderboard and I don't know why https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​giorknowtwitch


@dhadha In the game's variable settings, uncheck "Default" for 60fps and the run will appear.


ok it works I guess


getting datelimit = 1577793600 error in every leaderboard i go to

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Ye all leaderboards seems to be broken :


The ability to view leaderboards on specific dates doesn't seem to work anymore, it just displays the current leaderboards no matter what.

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Marathon portion of the forums are missing for me?

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Somehow, this run is considered obsolete, even though it is shorter: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​overclocked/​run/​zgko75jy

It seems the bug is that if you don't put in RTA (I screwed up the real timer, this didn't put it in my submission), it automatically assumes the run is longer. That is a load of nonsense.


@TreyaTreya This is not a bug. The default timing method for that game is real-time, and any runs that are missing the default timing method are sorted below runs that do have that information.

To resolve this, you can simply re-time the run and edit your submission to include the real-time.


Is there's something going on with the themes?

Up until now, you could browse the site (pretty much everything, except for settings), with your profile theme, and right now site uses regular dark theme at all pages that are not your profile.


@4d656b6172617a69756d4d656b6172617a69756d You have your "Site Theme" set to "Default". You can change it to "My profile theme" to use your own profile theme across the site.


Oh, sorry for inconvenience. Might be related to the browser cleanup i've done.


@TaruDuckTaruDuck Nope, not just you. Marathon forum section is missing for me too.


Marathon section on the forums was removed because of redundancy and to improve load times. I'm currently making a few other changes to forums, and I'll make a thread explaining them when I'm done.

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