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I don't know if this is a bug, but the layout on the page for a run is now very poorly sized (as depicted in this screenshot) https:/​/​gyazo.​com/​8cf4ddc874f35bdfcc5cb95ed316a0bc

Whether it's a bug or not, it makes the page significantly harder to use and is inconsistent with the rest of the site.

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@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets it definitely does feel like a bug.

Have the developers ever heard of UX? Because this is a huge oversight imo.


Liking a post, then clicking on the "x others" like this before the like is active, will result in the page becoming non-interactable. The list of people who liked the post will come up, then disappear when your like is added, but the page will still act as though this box is active.


I don't know if it is a bug:
If I'm submitting a new full-run to a game, this games becomes the first in the list on my profile, makes sense.
But if I do the same with a level-run, this games doesn't become first. Stange.


New bug on game series pages :

Checking the "Show unofficial games by default" option doesn't do anything.
Already tried unchecking, saving, then checking and saving again : no changes.

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I'm not sure exactly what is happening, but the individual level leaderboard on this page: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Poptropica/​Early_Poptropica#Complete does not match the view of all levels from the main Poptropica page. Epic_Doughnut's run is first on the IL page, but Lieutenant_Boo's run is first on the main page that lists all levels. Keep in mind that run order was recently changed to be based on time without loads, and Boo's run does not have a time without loads listed. Epic's run is slower with loads, but that should not matter because the order is based on the without loads time.


@Snakey642Snakey642 It's possible this is related to the other user's time without loads fields being blank. Perhaps there's some issue with 'blank' registering as faster due to there just being no time. Not sure.

edit: I've messed about with the above a bit and cannot seem to see that as the issue. So, I'm unsure. This might have to be checked on the actual backend.


Pretty sure this is a known issue that's been reported before, but if you hit "Reject" on a run, and then "Cancel" on the popup, you get a big HTTP 500 error. Ideally you should just be sent back to the run page without having to do anything else.


Invisible leaderboards for me atm, anyone else?

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Reposting from the Discord: The "active players" value used for sorting on games/series pages is not necessarily the same as the "number of currently active players" on the game's statistics page. Celeste currently shows 181 in the Statistics, but shows 151 on the games page. If these are not meant to be the same value that should be clarified. Also may be worth clarifying how exactly this value is calculated, I vaguely remember a description from a few years ago but I don't think that's accurate anymore.

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Is it just me or is BBCode and other formatting completely broken when editing things (at least rules) for anyone else? The big tag seems to no longer work, and things as simple as single line breaks don't show up at all even when just pressing enter for them.


They switched over to Markdown!
makes Big text now


That's all well and good, and I've actually tried this as well, but my carriage returns (line breaks) don't work at all anymore, so instead of "Goal:" being in bold and on the next line the actual goal, I get "Goal: [insert goal here]" with the first word in bold. If I put in a second carriage return, I get a new paragraph instead. There seems to be absolutely no way to make something just be on the line directly after something else other than letting it naturally wrap anymore.

EDIT: Also, trying to use a "#" to make a header will put a blank line before the text afterwards just the same.


Notification, messages, and pending action buttons are all invisible, and the buttons to create guides, modify game categories or edit/delete runs are completely missing (possibly others, I can't remember what buttons used to be in each place). I'm running the latest chrome, but the issue persists on Edge, a completely fresh install of Firefox, and with a separate computer, all have the same problem. Tested without any addons to ensure that no conflicts were at play.

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^ this is a very weird one, because it seems some people are seeing it everywhere and on everything, whereas most are not seeing it at all, anywhere.

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