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Sad story in 2 pictures

(tl;dcp: Uploading .lss files to resources errors out because wrong filetype).
Edit: After seeing the text left of the upload bar, might be better to either allow .lss or remove the .lss mention in the error msg)


That is a known bug that has been reported over the years. You need to zip the splits first before you can upload them.


@Timmi okay cool. But that doesn't solve the error message 🐤

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No, it doesn’t, it’s still a bug that needs to be fixed lol. I just wanted to give you the workaround to get them uploaded in the meantime.

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@DaravaeDaravae @Pac Any update? My marathon site still shows a dead link for the schedule. I would like to be able to edit the schedule link. Thank you!



Once again, the streams page shows streams that were over for hours.

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but the Experienced difficulty category for the game Resogun is spelled wrong. If this isn't the correct place, please direct me to where I should send this information


Contact the mods of the game, a spelling error isn’t a site bug. The mods of the games set up the categories, they can fix something like that very easily.

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@SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Its a bug with marathons. At this moment, its probably best to host marathon schedules externally until this has been fixed.


@DaravaeDaravae I am hosting it externally. The issue is that the link it is sending it to I cannot edit. I also cannot edit the moderators of the event. Is that related to the same bug?


You can edit marathon moderators by adding /moderators to the end of the /editmarathon link. The new layout is missing that in a few places


Sorry if these were already mentioned, I tried to search, but didn't find anything.

On the games page (, list view isn't formatted well anymore. Also the grid view has two issues: there's no padding so text butts right up against each other, and images or varying size makes the grid uneven. Using Chrome, not sure about other browsers.

Also, not sure what's causing it, but in the IL runs on my profile the Shikinjou IL Table's formatting is scrunched to the right. It looks find on the game page, so I'm not sure what's causing it.


@ZenicReverieZenicReverie Its already known and passed on to Pac. When the issue will be fixed is unknown.


dunno what's up with SRC in showing twitch affiliate symbols next to my username. Because now I have guns pointed at my face rather than my actual twitch sub-badges. Nothing seeminly wrong when I check my twitch affiliate profile, quite peculiar

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Likely an issue with Twitch's API bugging out since these are just pulled from the Twitch API, nothing we can do sadly. lol

I have an icon currently, and I'm not even a partner/affiliate. Not entirely sure how that's happened.

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I also have a affiliate icon despite not being one, so shout outs to twitch’s API for losing its mind I guess.

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I also have one now, a good temporary fix for this is to just disable affiliate badges on src or allow people to turn the badge on or off (Edit: you can already do that lol).


@16bitPanda16bitPanda You are able to turn it off for yourself. Go to 'Edit profile' > 'Twitch badge'.

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I also appear to have this issue where SRC thinks I have affiliate where I do not


I got also a twitch affiliate but my icon change every time one min it's a cactus 1 min after it's a cat after the banana the fire etc... It's strange.