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@ZenicReverieZenicReverie Its already known and passed on to Pac. When the issue will be fixed is unknown.

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dunno what's up with SRC in showing twitch affiliate symbols next to my username. Because now I have guns pointed at my face rather than my actual twitch sub-badges. Nothing seeminly wrong when I check my twitch affiliate profile, quite peculiar

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Likely an issue with Twitch's API bugging out since these are just pulled from the Twitch API, nothing we can do sadly. lol

I have an icon currently, and I'm not even a partner/affiliate. Not entirely sure how that's happened.

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I also have a affiliate icon despite not being one, so shout outs to twitch’s API for losing its mind I guess.

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I also have one now, a good temporary fix for this is to just disable affiliate badges on src or allow people to turn the badge on or off (Edit: you can already do that lol).


@16bitPanda16bitPanda You are able to turn it off for yourself. Go to 'Edit profile' > 'Twitch badge'.

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I also appear to have this issue where SRC thinks I have affiliate where I do not


I got also a twitch affiliate but my icon change every time one min it's a cactus 1 min after it's a cat after the banana the fire etc... It's strange.

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^ Yes, it's a site-wide issue so everyone is seeing it. It's a Twitch API thing (all Twitch features on the site aren't working properly), should hopefully be fixed up soon.


This should be resolved now.

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Opening guides just appears as a blank page.

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I'm having the same issue. All guides are gone from what I've seen. I've tried Kingdom Hearts III, Re:Chain of Memories to name a couple along with all guides listed. The owners of the guides are there but when you click the guide, no links appear on the next page.

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Same thing here. I see no guides at all including the one I made for The Tower of Druaga.


Also same, guides blank (Pokemon Red/Blue)

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This is an issue with various Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy guides as well.


Is there anything worng with the GUIDES SESSIONS? When I click on the guide it doesnt show me any links for it.

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Based on the last 5 posts here and these threads


it appears to be a problem with editing things and site staff is aware of it.

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Guides for Red/Blue offline 😭

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There is no information about "Game Request Rules"... some weeks ago it worked well the game request rules, but now, nothing appears, also doing click " open page to edit" and game request info... but nothing... But you can still request a game at least, it is the information of the rules that doesn't show.