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Was time in milliseconds ever used for the runs and then unchecked? That run that's four years old may have a hidden milliseconds time on it

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Ah, that was it. Did not realize that was a possibility that milliseconds still existed in the database on runs, even if milliseconds had been removed.


I'm sure someone has mentioned this by now, but I'm not seeing my pending submissions. I know they haven't been accepted or rejected yet, and they aren't visible in the "Pending Actions" page.

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I am trying to change the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc icons on some pages but every time I click save they revert to the previous images and do not keep the new ones.

Any assistance as to why this occurring would be appreciated.

For reference I am a super mod on the pages I am trying to edit.


CTRL-F5. Clear your cache and they'll show up properly. NAB.

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I'm not sure where to ask this, but I feel like posting this isn't so bad.

So the community of Fireboy and Watergirl decided to split the leaderboards due to the fact that games were remade with a new engine. So I created a new variable, put 2 possible values (new engine, old engine).I made tge variable obligatory to fill, and it so that different values wouldn't obsolete each other.

The result: All the runs that were on the boards got deleted, and that without a warning that it would happen, despite having a default value set.

Luckily it only ruined this leaderboard before I caught it:

Could someone do a rollback of this leaderboard, and please, put a warning so that this unfortunate situation does not happen to anyone else?

Thanks in advance.


@g0goTBC I fixed it by checking the box: Set default for all runs without value


Hello. I recently submitted a run for Banjo Kazooie on N64 about an hour ago. However, for some reason it didn't appear under "Pending Actions, Runs Awaiting Verification" so I assumed that something went wrong and submitted it again. When I did so, it still did not show up in that section. Is there a problem with the submission system currently, or is there another problem altogether going on with this site that is preventing submitted runs from showing up under "Runs Awaiting Verification"? If anyone else is experiencing this too, please share.


@GeneralSnivy Yes there is problems in pending actions screen, but game mods can see your runs and verify or reject them.
Site admins are aware of this issue according to my knowledge.

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Link for showing a video from nicovideo is not working with newer browser.
I saw the source of the block.

<div class="nicovideo"><script src=""></script></div>

It seems to be caused by attaching the script with "http" (not https) and blocked the download process.

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Have a bit of a bug while trying to sort out ILs, moving any IL up or down at a specific spot in the list will move it incorrectly:


Hello, So bout a week ago i submitted a game request for Twelvesmith and when i got on today it said it was approved, but it seems that no page for the game exists.

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Yeah I've pinged Pac about the issue, appears to be a bug: requested pages we accepted are just not actually being created it looks like.

@Deln Not entirely sure why this is, the system gets really broken whenever there's a ton of ILs. It needs some adjustment overall, really.

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Had to create a subcat to add a run, but run with new subcat won't "show by default" for some reason. I'm sure it's something really dumb I'm missing.


Fixed it. Unless a variable is a sub-category don't tick a default box or else the filter will be set to that by default.

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I don't know if the issue for leaderboard creation from requests have been fixed but when I try to add a game on a series where I'm a mod, I've the "Invalid game" response after adding it.

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