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WTF, guys, tab use 80-100% cpu. Try search game - cpu load 100% ~1 min, load page - cpu load 100% - few minutes. it only happens on


Ok. I find problem and this Lastpass extension. Why is this happening? And how to fix it?


If it's an extension then it's an extension, SRC can't change anything about that. Maybe you could deactivate the extension on SRC?
I can't notice any difference between loading the games tab and basically any other site so I doubt it's actually the sites fault.

/edit: Maybe try Firefox? I heard it's a lot better performance wise


idk, i disable Lastpass and problem gone.
In Firefox same problem:
Scenario in the extension "Lastpass: Free Password Manager" slows down Firefox
I think problem whith Lastpass auto fill


Those autofills are usually sort of experimental so that is not surprising. They scan the dom tree of the page to figure out what could get filled. I imagine it can become extra buggy if a SPA loads a bit slowly while the crawl is happening.

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I don't know if it's been reported yet, but the website breaks down regularly. I last tried a Chrome version 73.0.3683.103 in guest mode.

In Firefox 66.0.2 I have the same problem.

How to reproduce the bug:
You open a page like "". There you click back and forth between the different categories. This is more likely if you switch between the different categories under "More...". At some point the CSS goes crazy and one of the following scenarios occurs:
1. navigation elements are on top of each other, it's hard to click something.
2. the page seems to repair itself, but in the DOM you can see the background moving 0.5 pixels to the left in a short interval.

I think in the second case a rule is applied which should be set if there is no background, because the background image disappears for a short time.

If the first case occurs, it is possible that the page still goes over to case 2. After case 2 I haven't found anything yet.

This can be observed everywhere on the website and not only at /ff8. There I could best recreate it (I tried it at /smo).

I hope this helps with the troubleshooting.

E: I just tried to reproduce it but it seems like this is fixed now.

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Noticed a few runs not appearing on the leaderboards. After submitting and approval, the tab does not display "empty" but when viewing said tab, it says "no runs available".
When viewing my personal runs, it's there, along with ranking etc...



are you sure your filter settings are set up properly for that leaderboard?
(check the variables if there's one or more set to "default" and uncheck those)

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unable to verify or reject any runs. I managed to verify 1 run today of the 60 I have pending. But now the site is crashing every time I hit verify or reject.


@DarQ_Massacres Is it the usual "check back later" thing or is it something else?


@ShikenNuggets The site crashes and says this "This page isn't working is currently unable to handle this request HTTP ERROR 500"
It isn't the try again message where the site loads but it loads weird, the site just crashes


The site goes down constantly for me. Every time i try to click on a category for any game, it gives me an error message saying "ooops the site is under a lot of pressure right now, check back later." can anyone fix this or is this going to happen forever?


@Swagster Site staff are working hard to improve the server's performance, but unfortunately it's not a simple fix. Here's a post from an admin detailing a recent attempt to fix this issue, as well as some of the complications that arose from their solution:

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URLs seem to be case-sensitive. E.g. /Gyromite is fine, but /gyromite 404s. This is either a bug or an anti-feature. In either case, it should be fixed.

I know this site runs on nginx, so this solution should work:


It seems that a run of mine disappeared from runs awaiting verification under the "Pending actions" tab without being accepted, rejected, or deleted. I managed to find the run in my browser history though here which shows it still in a state awaiting. Here's the run:

I spoke with a moderator of the game's board who said they can still see the run in their moderation queue, so the only issue is that it disappeared from the Pending actions page.

EDIT: The run has since been accepted, but will still leave the bug report here.


@Liv To further expand on this: Everything on that page, including pending games and rejected runs are NOT showing up on that page any longer.

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The same thing started last night for me and is still happening today. After a run is submitted and you hit OK, they do not show up under "pending".

Note: By the time the run posts (at least for me) it now posts twice.


Unfortunately it's also a bad time for a bug like this to come up due to PACE also, but Admins have been pinged regarding the 'Pending Actions' issues.

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