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@Sizzyl What's happening is that your browser is caching the old image, so even though the image on the site itself was changing your browser was still loading the cached version. So it isn't actually a bug with the site at all.

For browsers on Windows, pressing Ctrl + F5 forces the browser to clear the cache, so then it properly loads the new image. From a quick Google search, the equivalent of this for Safari on Mac is Option + ⌘ + E.

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Not really a bug but I couldn't find the right thread for it.

Did this site change the font on all text or is it my browser that's weird? The letter c is looking exactly like o. And a small i looks like a big I.
I can't tell the difference. Like that word i just wrote. "can't". Looks exactly like "oan't". Horrible font. It's been like that for a few days.
Anyone else have the same problem?


Font looks perfectly fine for me, no changes that I’ve seen.


This is what this site look to me:


I have to zoom in to 125% to be able to see the letters: "c" "i"


When submitting to marathons, some games I submit aren't recognized as games on SRC by the marathon page, so I have to fill in extra boxes, for the leaderboard link, original platform release, and game name on Twitch. For example:

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Is anyone else getting HTTP ERROR 500 after a couple seconds after hitting Reject on a runner's submission?

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I presume you use Chrome @Mytherium ?

Few people were reporting this error was specifically happening in Chrome before.


Thanks, it must be a Chrome issue, because when using Edge it works as normal.


Typicall 500's normally result in a server side failure... it's most likely not browser specific... or if it is, something is different about the traits of how the data is stored in that form for chrome than other browsers... I've not looked at it, but that's probably what's wrong.


When you open the Odyssey Any% leaderboard and immediately change the subcategory, it display the new subcategory but the default one loads in immediately after so you have the default subcategory runs displayed despite selecting another subcategory


@Mytherium and I have the same issue in Chrome. I've started writing my rejection response in a different window and copy-pasting it in the rejection box before the 500 response comes in haha. It seems that after I write a few letters, it triggers the 500.

It might have something to do with recaptcha, based on my network headers/responses. Or maybe this gives no relevant information. Worth a shot.


This happens to me when I don't enter a reason for rejecting the run. When I just tried it in Firefox, nothing happened, the little box (enter a reason for rejecting this run) just disappeared until I checked "prevent this page from creating additional dialogues", and then it showed this:

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Hi. Whenever I would like to reject a run, I start typing and then the site crashes with some type of 500 error. The only way to bypass this, my way is to write it somewhere else and then copy it to my clipboard and then paste it and quickly submit those words. None of the other mods in my game have experienced it... Or haven't told me. Please fix this


I am pretty sure this is a bug. Sometimes when I load, The layout glitches between normal and alot-of-pressure
here's proof


@Jack_Hase This isn't really a bug, it happens all the time. Especially considering that AGDQ is going on right now, so there's probably a ton of activity rn.

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Just because it happens all the time doesn't mean it's not a bug, generally unintended behavior of something's functionality is considered a bug. It might be intended to merge two different pages formatting together to make a weird looking page but I'm feeling like it's not the intended behavior.


@Twan_Jones It may not be strictly "working as intended", but it seems more like it's just a side-effect of the underlying issue (the page not loading correctly due to heavy server load) rather than a distinct bug.

Anyway, this is all semantics and speculation to anyone without code access, so might as well just leave it at that.