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@Sun_Tzu_the_general IL board only appears to list time trials: , this may be what you're submitting to by mistake?

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Trying to add a game to the Silent Hill series and it just pops an "Error, Invalid Game" message instead of actually creating a new board.

this is happening to two of the series mods


Probably already mentioned somewhere in this thread, but every time I submit a coop run it switches the players around. For example, if there are 2 players, player 1 becomes player 2 and vice versa. Iirc, submitted a 4 player one once and player 1 became player 4 haha. 😛

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The setting for "Timer ascending" does not appear to be reported in the API responses. This category has "Timer ascending" checked, but no part of the response indicates that: .


"A new run is awaiting verification" notifications don't disappear from my notifications list, even though I have already verified the runs.


----- Bug submission -----
The `Level Leaderboard` -> `View all` page sorts submissions by `Time with loads` regardless of game setting, but then displays the `Time without loads` of that submission. This can cause the page to show the incorrect WR in some cases. Here is an example:


Hi @Thermospore, I'll look into that for you sometime this week. Cheers.

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I've edited the theme of a game, and the BG color goes missing/gray. Doing a force reload (ctrl shift R in chrome) loads the correct BG color, but if I now leave->re-enter or press F5 the BG goes gray again. What's happening there? A missing color forever cached?


@Fred you failed to link the game. I believe my profile has the same issue if you're talking about that bug though... I've never looked into the background loading, but I'm aware it is an issue. Although, my profile is white, not grey.


As of yesterday, when I try to reject a run (on desktop, chrome) I get redirected to this page:


From some tests @Tron_Javolta did, it appears this issue only exists in Chrome. Can anyone confirm/deny?


@Liv I use chrome, except it only happens to me when I press the cancel button when rejecting a run.


Doesn't seem to be happening anymore, just tried it leaving the rejection reason box up for 5-6 minutes whereas yesterday the error would happen within a second or two


This isn't really much of a bug, but I think this minor issue fits best here, when i try to delete/edit a 1st->4th theme icon and then replace it with a new one, the old one loads back. Is that simply due to the site being a big laggy today, or do i have to like wait a certain amount of time or something?


@Tron_Javolta Not sure what that does (doesn't seem to do much on mac), but just waiting 10 minutes worked lol, i'm just impatient. Thx for ur help anyway!


@Sizzyl What's happening is that your browser is caching the old image, so even though the image on the site itself was changing your browser was still loading the cached version. So it isn't actually a bug with the site at all.

For browsers on Windows, pressing Ctrl + F5 forces the browser to clear the cache, so then it properly loads the new image. From a quick Google search, the equivalent of this for Safari on Mac is Option + ⌘ + E.

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Not really a bug but I couldn't find the right thread for it.

Did this site change the font on all text or is it my browser that's weird? The letter c is looking exactly like o. And a small i looks like a big I.
I can't tell the difference. Like that word i just wrote. "can't". Looks exactly like "oan't". Horrible font. It's been like that for a few days.
Anyone else have the same problem?