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When choosing in WR history a level that nobody has played, the chart remains and console writes "TypeError: is undefined". Maybe the list directly don't contain empty level please?


I found a solution for listening the Twitch videos; I spam the play button until the video start.


I wanted to check the world record progression for a full-game category in Project M, but Statistics is only showing WR progression for a few categories. We have many more categories that aren't even showing up at all. This doesn't seem to be happening for other games- every other game I've checked has all of their full-game categories listed.

This is what I see:

My friend is also having the same issue, and he's using a different browser than I am (Chrome as opposed to Firefox), so it's not just my computer or my browser.

Game link:

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The WR chart needs some updating really, it's been 'broken' for quite a while I'd say. Baring on being useless in the case of some games:

There is no chart there... lol

That said, not personally sure why it's only showing a particular category there.

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Pages specifically for deleted users (I noticed this when clearing out a bot account) don't seem to load anymore, instead returning a blank page. This is reported as an HTTP 500 in Chrome.

for example ^

both of those links show an error 404 for me (Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)) but the page still loads properly (other than that I had to F5 an extra time for the background picture as usual, which btw is still a thing, idk if anyone ever checked on why it happens)


@Mitsunee "I had to F5 an extra time for the background picture as usual, which btw is still a thing, idk if anyone ever checked on why it happens"

From what I understand that's a bug with Chrome itself, not an issue with the site. That being said, considering how long it's been a thing I think it's fair to say that Google doesn't have any intention of fixing it, so it might be worth putting in some kind of workaround to prevent it, assuming such a thing is reasonably possible.

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such a bug is news to me, I've never had any problems loading big image files on any other site, including the ones I've made myself.
I did some digging around and had the background picture appear once I had opened the theme.php in the sources panel and then closed the devtools. The only anomaly I've noticed connected to that file is that the <link> element uses &amp; instead of just &, but chrome seems to translate that around correctly as soon as I opened that link in a new tab


Have there been any recent issues that could have caused some consoles to disappear from a games' list of consoles?
E.G. WiiVC being dropped from a console list without it appearing the game's audit log for game updates.

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Are all sub badges supposed to be available in profile settings? I have the ability to select 1 month through 1 year sub badges, but none past that.


I intended to ask about that as well. It seems like detects the sub badge once and then caches it forever, so updates never reflect here.


It's retrieved from the API within a certain section of the json. Twitch changed it in the last revision. (I believe when affiliates could have their own was the last big change). I don't have intentions to "fix" this as of right now and it'll probably be implemented in a theme change.

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So it appears for me that some pages have a white background while others have the main site theme, while I set it that every page on the site has my own profile layout. Few pages actually keep my own layout. Earlier today I didn't get the main site theme, so I'm not sure why I'm suddenly getting it now. Any idea as to why this happens?

Edit: Apparently the site theme was set back to "main" after changing my username. The white background is still a problem though!


I'm having trouble changing my profile picture. I am on Mobile, have tried both mobile and desktop modes. After browsing to find the new image, its name appears in the box, I press save. Nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!


Yeah, Ctrl+F5 on mobile...

Okay there's probably some setting to reset it.


Usually whatever mobile browser you're using will have a menu option to do the same thing.

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Sometimes the picture doesn't change because of it's size (game page/theme backgrounds and profile icons/pictures).

Which is annoying since you can't tell when it didn't work until after you save it and check that it did in fact, not work.


@Imaproshaman Check if refreshing your cache (Ctrl+F5) fixes that.


It seems to be more based on the size of the picture.