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On a similar note, the run counts on a user's profile and on the statistics page for a game include rejected runs. This shouldn't be the case. Example: has 2 approved runs and 1 rejected run ( ), but the profile says 3 runs.

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Any way to revert changes to the board-specific Rules? The Planets rules located here was being updated and I was playing with more BBCode, but forgot to close a segment of code with a /center. Now I can't edit the field in Edit game.


Fixed the rules formatting for you, you can edit them again now.

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Trying to change my serie's sorting to active players, full-game run count, or date added makes the series page return a 500 error
The series in question is this



Trying to change my serie's sorting to active players, full-game run count, or date added makes the series page return a 500 error

For the series sort or for changing the current sort? Seems to work for me.


Oh, didn't realize you can change current sort, I meant editing the default sort in the "edit series" settings


Mobile has a bug with the top menu (the one with all the icons for notifications, all the drop downs, etc.)

When you scroll down a page, the menu bar stays stuck to the top and scrolls down with you. This is fine, but if you click on any of the icons, you get jumped back to the top of the page. So, if I'm at the bottom of a thread from reading the posts and hit my notifications, when I close the notifications drop down/pop up/whatever I'm back at the top of the page again. This is mostly just annoying if Im scrolling down a page and accidentally hit one of the menu choices because now I have to re-scroll all the way back down the page again.

Not a huge bug, just a minor one that can be annoying every now and then.

  TigameTigame splits don't load/show up anymore on the run page.
EDIT: Now they do for me, but they didn't before even after reloading the page multiple times.
EDIT 2: They don't show again. This may be some page bug? Sometimes they load sometimes they don't. This is an example where it didn't load for me multiple times, but also didn't load on others run pages


Generally, problems are due to and nothing to do with SRcom. It has been having a few server issues.


When i go to my forum posts the page fails to load the css so it incorrectly loads. It doesnt seem to happen to other users fourm post history, every other part of my profile loads fine but the fourm post history doesnt.


Not sure if related to above, but all forms of CSS do not work for the Rule sets:

It was working fine couple days prior. If it was simply disabled globally, apologies in advance.


@zopney Ah, I'm currently changing the formatting system from BBCode to Markdown. I converted all of the posts and guides but I forgot to do the rules. I'll get it done in the next few days, thanks for letting me know 👍️

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It seems like the word " number " gets garbled in forums

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It seems like the word " number " gets garbled in forums

looks like it's supposed to be an emoji, but the image file is missing and the alt-text is wrapping due to emoji/emoticons having a max-width of 18px.

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A user submited a run to a leaderboard I moderate. The run got verified but it isnt showing on the board. And it also doesnt say (empty) on the category nor the subcategory. Please fix this.


The run is there. Go to Filters -> Version -> Any (or Update 2) and the run will show up. I'd wager that your default filter isn't set to show Any/Update 2 for version and that's why the run isn't showing up by default (or maybe it's an actual bug and filters got messed up somehow but check the defaults first).

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Ok so I made Update 2 the default value and it got fixed. Thanks @Timmiluvs

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