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@abney317 that might be because one run is on emulator


Nope I tried removing it as emu and it was still #2.
If you click on the actual run though it shows as #1.. just not on the actual leaderboard. Seems like it's just a bug with only using IGT

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Following the link for the platform on a run doesn't work.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to a run. For example,
2. Click the platform. (the URL is

Expected results: The list of games will be filtered by the platform of the run.

Actual results: The list of games effectively has no filter.


I have a message in NASCAR Heat 2 that says 'Error None of the runs have any times set!" This only happens when you view All Individual Levels. If someone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. If you need a picture of the message it will be linked below.


Hey i was looking at the speed run times for CupHead simple anypercent and it seems you made a mistake in the placings, the person who should be in second is saying he's 5th, but when you actually click on him it's correct there but not on the other page. just thought that's strange and wanted to let you know.


When the "&" symbol is used in category titles, it appears as "&" on stats pages. As you can also see from the picture, game titles do not experience this problem.


Not sure if this is the right place to post here but here it goes:

On the IL leaderboard for Tomb Raider (1996) tied records do show but they seem to eliminate second place and count from 3rd onwards heres a picture so you can see what I mean:

I did look into the game settings, but I couldn't see anything wrong but I'm not very experienced to tell the truth.


That’s not a bug, those two runners are tied with 1m16s so they are both first. And since there are two runners faster than dmt, they get 3rd place on the board.

That’s intended behavior with tied times - dmt doesn’t get second place because there are 2 runners faster than them. It just so happens those two runners are tied.

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There are 188 pages on the moderations request thread, yet on the thread I can only navigate up to page 174? Putting higher page numbers into the url works, but it seems like the navigation might be a bit wonky.


I didn't know about this, but I'll post it here too. And can someone can delete the other thread? Thread link

There seems to be a bug with my profile. I have an older run that is showing up on my profile as if it isn't obsolete. I don't know what to do as everywhere else it shows up as obsolete even on the game page. By going to the filter for obsolete, yet it shows up as 1st in my profile.

Image proof:


@16bitkiller It's because the game page has "console only" filter set as default instead of "console & emulators." If you switch the filter your run shows up.


Are notifications not working for anyone else?

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Thanks for reporting, notifications were indeed broken since ~23 hours ago. The notifications and email that should have been sent out in that time are in the process of being sent out now.

Update: All 53426 missing notifications and 471 emails have been sent out.


This is kind of an old bug, but maybe nobody reported it:

If you add a variable to a category with already existing runs and set any value as default, all runs will disappear since they didn't have any value when they were submitted.


Not a bug, you're filtering for a variable -> everything that doesn't have that variable isn't displayed.


If a game exists without a platform (such as multiple-game runs in some cases) then you can't submit it to a marathon submission form (as platform is mandatory)

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The statistics "Number of full-game players" and "Number of IL players" are incorrect. They've been matched up the wrong way around so that the full-game player count is displayed next to "Number of IL players" and vice versa. This can easily be observed by looking at a game that doesn't have any ILs, which will say that every player is an IL player.

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