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The website seems to have some issues today, I get "502 bad gateway", I don't know if it comes from me or if it comes from your side. I just wanted to let you know.
(Sorry about my English)


SGDQ is choking the site with traffic. It will be back to normal a few days after the event ends.


It's a known issue, but the priority to fix it is very low at the moment.


@Timmiluvs it was https, as Chrome autofills it the same way every time. Its fixed now, but I'll let y'all know if it occurs again.

Edit: You were probably right -- it was most likely an https problem.


Hey there, I have two bugs I want to report on the Dark Souls leaderboards.

The first one comes to variables. We have 3 different categories, each with the same variable called "route" but different routes for each category. However, all 3 variables shows on all 3 categories :

EDIT : Remove the second bug that wasn't one.

EDIT : I also noticed the github IssueTracker is empty and says "This repository is used to track bugs on There is no public code here yet, sorry". Is there any update on that ? Can we expect the source code to become available at some point ? Because that'd be awesome and I would love take a look.


I'm not entirely sure how this one works, or if has been posted before. It seems that when runs are tied to the millisecond on an IL, the oldest run gets displayed as WR. If both runs have the same date, it seems to go alphabetically. How do I get it to do a tie?

If you click on the run, it's displayed as 1st.

On the runner's page it's listed as 1st.

However, on the game's IL overview the oldest run is once again displayed.

The leaderboards:

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Gnist posted exactly what I was going to post. Same issue with the boards over here


my obsolete runs are messed up, the page is just pure html. all of my actual pbs are fine. screenshot of how it looks


update: this also happens to some of my actual pbs, not just obsolete runs


Oh sad to hear, @Jumpyluff you have to asked directly to the moderator of the game, they will definitely solve this issues!


On mobile, if a user puts a link in their forum posts it messes up the boarders of the message so text appears offscreen.

You can still view the whole message by turning the device sideways, but it's just a minor annoyance.


my runs' pages work fine now. no need to look further into it


On the Streams page, everyone who streams Super Metroid has their game listed as Super Metroid: Redesign

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not sure what the problem is exactly, but no runs show up on the Touhou 16 board. The runs can only be accessed from the players' profile pages or from a link (this run, for example)


I'm guessing the request page was changed in a way to only allow URLs from certain sites. I've been trying to request a game with this URL as description:

When I press Submit, it tells me it's not a valid link to an external page describing the game/series. It's the ¤only¤ external page describing the game series, containing the official name, author's name, date of release, description and platforms 😛

A friend suggested submitting the URL by replacing the underscores with dashes and that worked. So the real answer is that underscores in links aren't allowed 😛 I put it in the additional notes, but I imagine that's not the preferred way.


Bug report:
A single line of text will push the text out of the main view, as well as the vertical ellipsis


After site update i cant see all games list! Can you fix it?

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