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I have a glitched run. It's said as pending. The "Player 1" field is blank for some reason. And when you click on it, you get an error.
It links there :


I have this gap inbetween the 2 (highlighted and the one above) obsolete runs. I haven't seen this anywhere else on the website though.


Ok, found a really weird bug. As I was checking the WARP Leaderboards, I found this:

This doesn't list all full-game runs, but shows an IL instead O.o It also doesn't show all of them, just one
I took a look at other Games, but it only occures to this Leaderboard somehow.


I just discovered none of the submitted splits are displayed at the bottom of the page anymore as can be seen here:
(Source: )

If you click on the link at the bottom, you still get directed to the submitted splits though.


PreFiXAUT: I'd guess it's because the category name matches the game name, but that's certainly not intended behavior.

tocaloni1: They show up for me, not sure if it got fixed or if it's a browser or adblock type issue.


PreFiXAUT: Fixed.

tocaloni1: kirkq: They got fixed on splits i/o's end ( ).


I got a new one for you, lighnat0r

look @ this dude's profile: some of them are the small size and some of them are tall.

also, switching between categories on the sidebar is still bugged (not sure if any1 posted it yet)


Bug is still present where, when I edit a 100% All Keys run, it gets moved to the 100% category.


It seems that whenever you try to reject a run, then cancel on the pop up message for a comment, this always happens:
(and I can't seem to figure out how to uplaod image on the forum anymore but that's just me I guess)


OK thanks 🙂

And yeah the main thing is just that pops up for no reason; going back to the submission fixes it but it's kinda dumb and annoying.


The notifications is lower than it was supposed to, like this:

Already tried to Ctrl+F5 and it didn't fix it.


^ Same. It's at least a Chrome issue. Displays properly for me in Edge.


changing the zoom fixes it for me (also on chrome)


^ For me, show/hide misc. categories works just as it should. Show/hide obsolete runs, on the other hand, messes up the layout (and does not show the obsolete runs).


Hey guys statics graph seems kinda broken. I'm on 1920x1080 resolution if that matters.

Here is a pic:


For some reason my profile says I'm in 1st place for, even though I'm 2nd.


For an IL table with subcategories, the landing page only shows the runs with all of the default subcategories.

Should it:
¤ Always show the fastest time under any subcategory combination?
¤ Have the subcategory drop-down boxes available for showing the table under a specific set of conditions?

edit: Another bug. Filters beyond the first default to only showing the default option. It will show all runs correctly if "Any" is selected afterwards, even though it seems like Any is already selected.
Click my run there (1:09 on 1-1) and it's not immediately visible.


Mod names seem to be going past the sidebar on the Yooka-Laylee page:

I guess it's not long enough to wrap to the next line or something

EDIT: Seems to happen on Chameleon Twist as well:

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