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Did you make sure that it's the same run, and not an older run with a slower time? If a run is rejected, then it gets replaced by any obsolete runs that may have been posted before.



Well, it seems to not be a bug. It's that I have to reject all runs by this deleted account (that includes the obsolete ones) one by one. That's tedious, but I managed to do it anyway.

Still, an oversight.


Just noticed game's Release Date displays as 1 day earlier than entered, e.g. 1994-12-31 instead of 1995-01-01 (full date here seems new, maybe you're working on it)


It was trying to adjust the date to your local timezone, fixed.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere, but bullets inside of lists have not worked since the site got a new layout. I'll do a example:

• Item 1
• Item 2
• Item 3

I used the list and bullet tags, but as you can see, the bullets are not being displayed.


In the "social" section in "edit profil" nothing happened when I click on "more". I can't add a website.


Whenever someone tries to submit a run for "Secrets" category for this game: , the "Saves" variable have no options. "Any%" and "100%" categories have this working properly and everything seems to be set correctly. Can you please have a look?


Originally posted by 666DeadhunterIn the "social" section in "edit profil" nothing happened when I click on "more". I can't add a website.
What browser are you using? You don't have JavaScript disabled, do you?


@Pac : same thing on Firefox and Chrome. JavaScript is enabled on the 2 browsers

Edit : when I put my mouse on the "more" button this message appear on the left of the screen : "javascript:;" Idk if it can help you...


please help. i am the moderator for golden axe for genesis. since a few days ago, every score that i verify for golden axe (genesis) has not shown up on the leader board. the score will however show up on the players profile. this is very unsettling to me. does anyone know why this is happening?


Jesse_Porter: All of the runs verified in the last few days that I checked were emulator runs. In the game settings for Golden Axe, the relevant option is set so that emulator runs are 'Hidden by default', so they don't show up on the leaderboard unless you change the Emulators filter to a different setting.


Any idea why 'Latest runs' section doesn't update in ? World of Illusion has very recent runs, for example.


Tenebrae: The latest run showing up for me is from today, so I don't see a problem. Keep in mind that the latest runs section tends to be cached for an hour or so at most.


I see new runs in private mode. If i'm logged in in Chrome or Firefox or even my phone, new runs won't show. Maybe there's some weird setting I have disabled.

This is what I see on every device:

EDIT: NOW I GET IT. 'Latest runs' of my followed games appear nowhere in their respective series page. Everything else does. This probably isn't intended behavior. All the games I follow are missing from the image above.


I see what is causing this now: the latest runs section of series works the same way the front page works. As such, it also uses your front page settings for followed games which with your particular settings means they don't show up.


That sounds pretty dumb, front page settings should be separated from this. I think you should see every new run on a series page regardless of your settings. There's no point in seeing latest runs of just a few games that you don't follow.

Another case in point: I've been seeing only these runs for ages on .


For your settings setup, sure I agree. But for series with a lot of games, it still makes sense to sort followed games to the top to me.

Regarding that example: There haven't been any new runs in months; that's not gonna change no matter how much I fiddle with the code.


Ok, thanks anyway for answering. It's just super annoying that you can't compare activity in different games in the same series. And for a big series, exactly the games I'm interested in disappear from the Sonic series page.

On the other hand, I do want them to disappear from cluttering the front page after a few days. That's where the problem is.