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So I've seen around recently that some people have icons next to their name. I understand the Admin and Donated icons, but a user called Ovendonkey has a Mirror's Edge <I think they're called> favicon. Which makes me wonder - How do I get a favicon next to my name and how do I make it a custom one like Oven's ME one?


It's imported directly from Twitch's database of partners currently.


If they're imported from Twitch's partner database, how do you get it to be a certain logo?
P.S. Thanks for letting my know about the original matter 🙂


you need to get partnered on twitch to get an option for a subscriber icon.
that one you have to make yourself.

The icon will then be imported to

But the first hurdle is twitch partner


If I am a twitch partner, how long does it take for my sub icon to appear next to my name? I've only been partnered for a week, but is there a way I can get that added?


I forced the update, it's not 100% automated currently.