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Can we add Us?

We would really appreciate it.



why are "us" pronouns needed?

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i think they meant Any/All


I think its a DID thing where people refer to themselves as a collection of their identities, using plural pronouns (We/Us).


That's what I'm assuming as well, though it'd be the first I heard of it.

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Referring to an individual as we/us is just straight up incorrect english.

I do think the whole pronouns system should be scraped though. Just give us a text box where we can enter a status like on discord or something. It gives users more freedom and you can put pronouns in it if you want.

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@11 Except, they're not an individual, they are multiple people in one body (presumably)
I am not an expert on the topic btw



they're not an individual, they are multiple people in one body (presumably)

Conjoined twins? 👀

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This is one thing to refer to yourself as "we", but another thing entirely to refer to someone else as "we".

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you're right there tbh.

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Yeah, in this case, They/Them still seems accurate.


@Oreo321Oreo321 Unless you're in a hivemind, of course.

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@Merl_ because the gates were opened to pronouns, so now they must add more.

i understand wanting neopronouns added but we/us? you can't refer to someone else as "we"
as stated before, that isn't proper english

the correct pronouns to refer to multiple people is "they/them"

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Well I guess @RetroPacmanRetroPacman has found a way to systematically break the minds of the entire userbase of, well done.

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Found a helpful Reddit thread with much the same conclusion—while one can't directly use we/us/ours in place of other terms because of grammar, it's more of an indication of using plural pronouns (they/them or even y'all), which has to be specified further. Clearly, using "we/us" to describe which pronouns to use is raising more questions than it's answering...

The only real possibility of signifying all this is custom pronoun entry, which covers these (important!) edge cases.


We are Legion and would like you to accommodate us. Everyone will not understand but that is OK.

Also identity doesn't need to conform to the rules of grammar. It has everything to do with emotion and nothing to do with logic. This is why we are asking for the addition.

Thank you.


Originally posted by RetroPacman
Also identity doesn't need to conform to the rules of grammar.

If you're going to speak english and have people talk to you in english things are going to need to follow the rules of the language. Identity is not a word, it is a concept. When someone says "we" in english that means including the speaker. If you want to talk about a group of multiple people without including the speaker a more appropriate term is "they" or "you" or something. The word itself doesn't mean anything in regards to identify, its just how we communicate it, and communicating it with "we" is incorrect.

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I would understand We/Us as a pronoun if someone has multiple personalities consisting of he/him, she/her, or they/them.