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Hi there everyone. I'm new in this speedruns world, I'm practicing to make an Earthbound Speedrun and I am wondering about how to submit a run.
By the way, I'm playing on emulator. The thing is, if I want to submit a run: am I forced to stream it? or can I submit an offline video too? The other thing is about the quality video, I guess it have to be high, right? And If the submited video have to be on a Twitch video, Youtube or both?
Sorry for so much questions, I'm new here 😛


You submit a run by going to the page for the game (here's Earthbound) and clicking "Submit Run" at the top right.

Streaming isn't required generally, though some communities may require it if you get really good times in highly competitive games without ever streaming.

Video quality doesn't matter as long as it's not too hard to tell what's happening. Both Twitch and Youtube videos are accepted, though I'm not sure if other formats are.

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Alright! Thanks for your time CyrstalChaos! ^u^

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