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It would be neat to have a segmented and TAS board for all games built into the sidebar at the left somewhere (along guides, forum, etc) since most games have these and should be showed on the site somwhere.

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Yeah I 100% backup Cyberdemon531 on this one.


backing up cyber


oh shit its peterafro

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Wouldn't that be kind of stepping on TASVideos' and SDA's toes?

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@Pac technically yes but last time i checked they didnt have priority over the word "TAS", + it wouldnt hurt to have some up to date TAS that are not on TASvideos or SDA


I'd imagine the vast majority of TAS runs added would be links to TASVideos anyway.


Maybe just add a social icon for account settings that can link to tasvideos? (No this is not me just wanting more icons OpieOP )

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Whether it'd be stepping on TASvideos toes or not doesn't really matter. Same with SDA. This is the center hub for speedruns now pretty much, so it makes no sense not to have these things on here.

Not to mention they'd have to be stupid to turn down, or have any problem with, a system that would essentially send more traffic other to their websites.

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Does it need to be an individual leaderboard? Are there enough people creating TAS's and SEGs to justify adding a ranking system? Could "TAS" or "SEG" simply be added as a category to those games that have enough of a TAS/SEG community? Would a SEG board essentially be the sum of a runner's IL submissions (or is SEG not necessarily by level?)?

Also, do SDA and TASv have leaderboards? Their priority seems to be documentation. In that case, creating leaderboards here wouldn't seem to encroach on their territory.


I don't really agree with having TAS "leaderboards" - in my experience they are not created with any sense of competition, and there is generally only ever one relevant TAS for a category at any one time. That said, a place to host links to them (maybe under resources?) could be cool.

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I agree with the two posts before me.

I always saw the "guides" tab as a place for TAS's to be posted. "Featured runs" would be interesting, for more than just TAS/SEG. I've seen many people come up with category ideas that are consensed to be not worth adding, and a featured runs tab would enable those types of runs to be demonstrated.

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The problem with guides is its a horrible mess. There's no filters to place guides in or anything. It's just a singular list.

If 'TAS' / 'Segmented' were added to guides as sections, or if you could simply create your own sections in 'Guides' then this would be far more simple.


Agree that TASes should be under resources or similar.

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I think this will be solved once mods will be able to create multiple leaderboards (I think it was promised).


One thing that I think people might find useful is to put a blurb on the landing page for a game, and to otherwise customize that page beyond the default category. However, just having a place to put a link to a segmented run offsite isn't great. Ideally, they should be a part of the database, so that they can be associated with runners and all other nice things that come with being a run.

Just having a flat link to the most recent TAS, whether as a guide or a resource just seems like a waste.


The problem with having game mods design a home page is that that sort of thing takes a set of skills most mods might not have.

Maybe having a "game home page" as a ¤standard¤ thing beyond the default leaderboard, would be a benefit though. Have a set of blanks the mods can fill in, rather than giving them a free-form page which will just be a disaster.


i think having a subsection for TAS and segmented runs is a pretty good idea. Even if just under the "resources" section, as pres said.

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From what I understand, TAS Videos forces their own rules onto TAS'. Like their own timings, and restrictions. Additionally, I've heard they flat out reject TAS' for games they find "too boring" (apparently this happened with Metal Gear Ghost Babel).

Because of these restrictions and such, you'll see that recent TAS' have two different timers, one for TAS Videos rules, and one for how the community would have liked it. And I hear that there's some communities that won't submit their TAS to TAS Videos because of these arbitrary rules.

So I don't see any issue with having a nice TAS/Segmented board/section on a game's page so the Community can be in charge of their own rules, and not an outside party. It'd also allow many more different TAS' like LOTAD, Damageless, No OoB, or as broken as they want without fear of rejection. This could show off games in new ways and encourage experimentation.

And yeah, a segmented board would be nice too because some games actively still do that.

Just my opinion based on what I've heard.

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