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First of all, I apologise if this has already been asked somewhere! Also sorry if this wasn't the correct section of the forums to post this.

For speedruns of Okami we use IGT, but when submitting a run you have to add real time to your submission. Is there a way these can be swapped? It would be great if either

1) Your submission HAD to have IGT (and COULD have real time too if you wanted)
2) Or it was possible to "hide" real time for Okami leaderboards by default

Now of course there's always the option of putting your IGT as "time" and leave "in-game time" blank. Question: if all submissions did this, would the "in-game time" row be automatically removed? If yes then that would work out 🙂

I'm sure runners of other games where IGT is used would appreciate a post like this


The game I speedrun has a similar thing, and for the moment we're just using the real-time as IGT. Unfortunately, the planned update that I linked has been postponed a bit due to some more immediate stuff (IIRC), but we're all hoping that it's coming sooner rather than later. c:

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Awesome! Thank you for the reply 🙂


That sounds great, can't wait for this update as the game i run (dying light) has the same issue.